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ThunderboltTM 3 is a high-speed transmission standard that provides 40Gbps bandwidth between PC and Thunderbolt3 devices, using a USB Type-C connector ※1.
Sumitomo's Thunderbolt3 cables※2 are built with high-performing micro-coax wires that are smooth and flexible yet durable. They are perfect for a wide range of applications such as docking stations, multi 4K displays, and gaming PCs.

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※1 USB Type-C connector is a compact and reversible connector, widely used for PCs and smart devices.
※2 Sumitomo Electric develops, manufacture, and sells Thunderbolt cables.
  We are one of very few suppliers that is certified by Intel.


Maximum transmission speed 40Gbps
Eight times faster than USB 3.0 and four times faster than Thunderbolt.
Maximum power delivery 100W
Not only data transmission, but also power delivery is possible among devices, enabling steady operations of mobile peripheral devices.
Daisy-chain connection
Daisy chain up to 6 devices (HDD, Display, etc) allowing for a simple and optimized cable configuration.



Q.How do I know I can use Thunderbolt3 cables with my devices?

Please check your devices' ports to see if it has USB Type-C connector ports and whether there is a Thunderbolt mark.

Q.Is it possible to connect Thunderbolt cables to USB3.1(Type-C cable) devices?

Yes, you will be able to connect the cable to the device, but the function of the Thunderbolt3 cable will be limited to that of USB3.1.
This is because Thunderbolt cable is compatible with Thunderbolt3 and USB3.1 (Type-C) device, but USB3.1 (Type-C) device is only compatible with USB3.1.

※Active cables function as USB2.0.

Q.Can a Thunderbolt3 cable connect to Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt2 devices? (lower compatibility?)

No, as the connectors are different. You will need an adaptor if you would like to connect the cables with the devices.
Thunderbolt3 cables are compatible with Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt2 protocols. As long as you have an appropriate adaptor, you will be able to use Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt2 devices.
However, not all connector convertible adapters are able to execute two- way data transmission. In this case, we are unable to guarantee the performance of a Thunderbolt3 cable.
We recommend that you connect Thunderbolt3 cable with Thunderbolt3 devices.


Warranty is one year. Please click "Contact Us" for any questions and repair work.


Next generation interface technology that achieves high-speed data transmission

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