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Tin Coated Square Brass Wire

Tin Coated Square Brass Wires are the wires which are tin-plated and equalized by reflow process after undercoating by electroplating method on square brass wires.
These wires are used as pins for connectors, wrapping connection terminals of electric wires, and connection pins between print circuit boards.

In addition, we can supply tin plated circle wires and rectangular wires made of copper, phosphor bronze and other alloys for your demand.


1. Superior insertion performance
By smoothing process after electroplating, smoothness of the flat surface, plating thickness uniformity of the corner part and good insertion performance to connector elements and print circuit boards are provided.

2. Low and stable contact resistance
By combination with the sharp corner of square wire and tin layer of low contact resistance, reliable contact performance is provided.

3. Superior soldering performance
Good soldering performance is provided, because of the undercoating layer between tin plating layer and brass wire made of nickel or copper to prevent metallic diffusion and smoothness of the surface.

4. Whisker prevention
The occurrence of whisker is inhibited and an unexpected short circuit accident is prevented by reflow process and smoothing process to the tin plating layer.

Brass Type JIS H 3260 C2700W(Copper65%, Znic35%)
JIS H 3260 C2600W(Copper70%, Znic30%)
Hardness 1/2H、3/4H、H
Thickness of under coat 1~2μm、2~4μm
Thickness of Tin coat 2~4μm、5~10μm
Packing 10kg Plastic Reel
20~50kg Iron Reel(800mm in diameter)
Size(mm) Tolerance (mm) Standard diagonal width(mm) Corner R(mm) m/kg
0.40×0.40 ±0.01 0.51 0.08以下 760
0.50×0.50 ±0.01 0.66 0.08以下 506
0.64×0.64 ±0.01 0.85 0.08以下 306
0.80×0.80 ±0.02 1.07 0.10以下 190
1.00×1.00 ±0.02 1.34 0.10以下 124

We are ready for supplying other sizes including above-mentioned.

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