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We will forecast the trend in ASEAN and develop new business that utliizes the capabilities of the personnel.



Masaru Aida Managing Director

Susumu Hirano Manager, Accounting and Planning Division

SEPS is a trading company that imports and sells products manufactured by SEI Group companies. After operating as a production base for 20 years, we have been specializing in sales since 10 years ago, covering Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries and expanding the sales area to India, Middle East and Australia. While the main line of business is the electronics segment, the company began trading in optical products in 2004 and has significantly increased sales in the U.S. market. We are also contributing to the establishment of local infrastructure by delivering optical fibers to communications firms in Singapore.

Our sales activities need to be flexible to respond to changing trends such as the increase in fabless customers that have shifted manufacturing bases overseas such as to Thailand and China. In the last 10 years, SEPS boosted sales by more than 3.2 times while keeping the number of employees at around 50. We are also committed to customer satisfaction improvement. We have valuable local staff with good communication skills in the Singaporean style, which uses both English and Chinese, and many of them have comprehensive knowledge of the products, acquired from their experiences in SEPS over many years. It is our future challenge to develop them to be personnel with a global perspective as members of the SEI Group.

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    For the 14 years since I started to work at SEPS, I have always belonged to the Flat Cable Division, and am now in charge of marketing planning of the division as a manager. I attend production meetings of our suppliers and also join discussions by engineers because knowledge in technologies improves marketing competitiveness. SEPS provides me with many internal and external learning opportunities and I have gained much knowledge. In the Singaporean flat cable market, competing products are entering from foreign countries one after another. We have to compete with them with new products. For this purpose, it is crucial to always pay attention to future trends.

    MICHAEL CHUA Senior Manager, Sales Division

* Interviewed in July 2008.

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