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We support and guide SEI Group companies, making use of the geographical advantages



Satoshi Miyabayashi Managing Director and CFO

While initially founded as a sales base in 1989, SEIS established the Asian Finance and Administration Centre in 1990 to launch a system to support SEI Group companies in the ASEAN countries. Then, we set up the International Procurement Office in 1994 and the Asian Information System and Administration Centre in 1996. Since 2004, SEIS has been restructured as a company specializing in the three segments mentioned above. We provide guidance and support related to finance, international material procurement and information systems for approximately 20 Group companies in 6 Southeast Asian countries. While managing problems specific to each of the companies, SEIS also supports them by undertaking their accounting and tax services in a centralized manner. In addition, we chair MD meetings, where the MDs (presidents) of seven companies located in Singapore discuss latest challenges and subjects, and also supervise local contribution activities such as donations.

Singapore is an ideal location for such administrative activities because it is easy to gather information and travel in the country. Many of our staff members have worked in SEIS for relatively many years and have a wealth of knowledge on the SEI Group and relevant solutions to problems, which is our strength.

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    IPO (International Procurement Office) supports SEI Group's factories in procurement of parts and in logistics by searching for suppliers on a global scale and introducing them to the Group. As my subordinates and I have worked at SEIS for more than a decade, we have full knowledge of the raw materials and accordingly can find suppliers that offer them at attractive prices. It is also our task to enhance mutual understanding between customers and suppliers. SEIS serves as an information base to share information obtained from suppliers around the world with affiliates as well. We are currently introducing green procurement progressively. We will take responsibility for the environment and encourage suppliers to understand the approach.

    CHAN CHEE MENG Manager, International Procurement Office

* Interviewed in July 2008.

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