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The history of Sumitomo Electric, like the beautiful Shibazakura (moss pinks), is rooted in Naie Town, Hokkaido.

Pink, red, purple, white... About 50,000 Shibazakura (moss pink) flowers all blossom together in late May, in the site where Hokkaido Sumiden Precision Industries, Co., Ltd. and Hokkaido Electric Industries Ltd. stand side by side. The gorgeous flower carpet is shared with the public during the annual Shibazakura Festival, in which the employees of the two companies are involved in the operations as volunteer staff as part of the local contribution activities of the two companies. The festival is full of attractions such as performances on the main stage, game contests, lottery, and street stalls selling local products. The numbers of the local residents enjoying the festival have increased every year, and reached 1,500 at the 18th festival this year.

* Interviewed in May 2008

Comment from the Mayor of Naie Town

In addition to the colorful moss pink flowers, I am impressed by the smooth operation and the pleasant services provided by the workers of Hokkaido Sumiden Precision Industries and Hokkaido Electric Industries. The festival is now an annual event that the citizens look forward to, and it also provides good opportunities for residents in the neighborhood to understand the two companies. I feel that the citizens now support both companies and feel proud of their growth because of the emotional connections established between the companies and residents through such contacts over many years.

Ryoji Kita Mayor of Naie Town

Comments from Local Residents
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    Mr. Hisashi Kaneko, who came with his family to see his child performing as a member of the brass band at Naie Junior High School, said "I enjoy the festival very much because my child participates as a performer"

    Mr. Hisashi Kaneko

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    Ms. Toyoko Sasaki, who takes care of moss pinks throughout the year as "green staff," said "it is of particular pleasure that the flowers were open on the day of the festival"

    Ms. Toyoko Sasaki

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    Mr. Hisashi Kato said "I never get tired of the festival because there are many events that I can take part in." He was the winner of the paper-rock-scissors tournament!

    Mr. Hisashi Kato

  • Hokkaido Sumiden Precision Industries, Co., Ltd. We have passed through the period of Naie's transformation from a coal-mining town to a town of precision industry.
  • Hokkaido Electric Industries Ltd. "Made in Hokkaido″ products are born in the local environment and delivered to various parts of Japan.
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