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SET, which cultivates the Thai market, and STHC, which serves as a corporate center in Thailand



Sumitomo Electric (Thailand) Ltd. (SET) was established in 1989 as an import and sales company in Thailand. SET is engaged in import and sales of SEI Group products that are not manufactured in Thailand. Major items handled by the company include flat cables, flexible printed circuit boards, electronic wires and optical fiber cables. These items have found increasing demand in the automotive and electronics fields. SET plays a vanguard role in that it first cultivates the Thai market as an importer and seller of SEI Group products, and then initiates local production when the need is deemed to have reached a certain level. Meanwhile, even after the new government was established following the coup in Thailand, new projects are being planned to develop communications and transportation systems. SET works on presentation and sales activities making use of the Group's collective strength.

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    All developing countries should inevitably develop infrastructures of electricity, transportation, communications etc. In Thailand, there is a great gap between the Bangkok metropolitan area and the rural provinces. It is our company's mission to further improve the transportation infrastructure in the metropolitan area and to develop local communications infrastructures. I would like to contribute to the development of Thai society by gathering the collective wisdom of the SEI Group.

    SET President Ichiro Inuzuka


In 1997, when the number of SEI Group companies in Thailand exceeded 20, S.E.I Thai Holding Co., Ltd. (STHC) was set up to provide those companies with support in accounting and financial operations. Subsequently, STHC has expanded the scope of this support business by adding functions related to information systems and personnel affairs. The company has also commenced cross-sectional activities, including services to coordinate with experts, so as to function as a corporate center in Thailand. Thus far, STHC has mainly addressed specific problems with each Group company. Henceforth, however, STHC will shift to more value-added activities, including support for Group companies in labor management, recruitment and education, and introduction of a cash management system (CMS). STHC will also help Group companies to ensure that local employees are fully aware of the Sumitomo Spirit and the SEI Group Corporate Principles, by publishing the "Glorious Excellent Company" handbook and other documents, translated into Thai. At the same time, STHC will assist the strategic management of Group companies while respecting Thai culture and customs and ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

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    STHC aims to strengthen expertise and coordinating capabilities, in order to function as a corporate center of the SEI Group. In addition, STHC intends to find optimal solutions through close communication with SEI Group companies in Thailand, taking into account each company's rules, as well as work process sharing and integration.

    STHC President Seiji Yamamoto

We have supported the establishment of the Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology,and have afforded cooperation in developing a nursing home and toward other purposes.


Commendation for antinarcotics campaign(SEWT)

Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (TNI) was opened in June 2007. TNI was founded with the objective of training local human resources to play active roles in Japanese-affiliated enterprises. Since fiscal 2006, SEI Group companies located in Thailand have collectively made donations to the TNI Scholarship Fund. The next four years-until TNI produces its first graduates-are defined as the first phase, during which our donations will be continued.

In fiscal 2005, the SEI Group donated 100,000 baht toward improvement of the Bangkok Metropolitan Nursing Care Center, 200,000 baht for the relief of tsunami victims, and 100,000 baht to co-sponsor a robot contest. Additionally, in some cases our Japanese employees assigned to Thailand jointly made donations of their own accord to local foundations, out of gratitude to Thai society.

Moreover, respective Group companies have been active in making their own contributions to local communities. For example, SEWT has made donations to schools and public facilities in the surrounding region, and has been vigorously participating in the antinarcotics campaign.

* Interviewed in June 2007.

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