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LED lighting fixtures for cable tunnels

Product data
  • Sales began in January 2016
External view of LED lighting fixtures
External view of LED lighting fixtures

What are LED lighting fixtures for cable tunnels?

Sumiden Communication Engineering Co., Ltd., a Sumitomo Electric Group company, has started full-scale sales of LED lighting fixtures for cable tunnels, which have achieved high durability under a harsh environment. A cable tunnel is a tunnel for laying communication cables and gives a very harsh use environment for lighting fixtures due to the inflow of groundwater or high humidity. We attached a water drain board against water leakage from ceilings. We also adopted a seamless structure made of a plastic resin mold with high transparency for the housing to improve airtightness. As a result, the structure of the lighting fixtures prevents water and dust from intruding.

Features of this product

General LED lighting fixtures have a structure in which bright LED light sources are arranged in an array. In the cable tunnel, LED lighting fixtures are installed at an equal distance along the moving direction of pedestrians, who always see the LED lighting fixtures in front of them and are dazzled while the walls seem darker than they really are. The light direction from each LED light source in this product is optimally designed to reduce the glare for pedestrians and to provide a uniform brightness over the cable tunnel.

The lineup includes security lighting, which has a built-in battery for continuous lighting during a power outage, in addition to lighting for general use. The security lighting will automatically switch to battery mode in case of power outage and continue to provide light for more than 30 minutes.

Optimum design of light directions
Optimum design of light directions
Since the light from the LED light source is projected straight toward the pedestrian, the light is dazzling.
Optimum design of the light direction from each LED light source provides a uniform brightness over the cable tunnel.
Interview with the engineer in charge
Sumiden Communication Engineering Co., Ltd.
Naoki Kobayashi
Naoki Kobayashi

What inspired you to develop this product?

We have sold straight-tube LED lighting mainly for office use as part of our environment business, and a customer asked us whether we could develop products for cable tunnels. We have also conducted business related to tunnels for a long time and possess comprehensive knowledge of the underground environment. We thought that we would make full use of this knowledge in the development of the product and joined the project focusing on product planning and sales.

What responses have you had from customers?

In developing this product, I used my experience that, in a tunnel, lighting walls provides brighter working conditions than lighting the floor. Many customers say that this product is brighter and provides less LED light-specific glare than conventional fluorescent lamps. The product is also highly regarded for its easy installation and trouble-free operation.

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