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Global Group Company:SEPH

Sumitomo Electric
Interconnect Products
(Hong Kong), Ltd.
Stephanie Chung
Stephanie Chung
FPC Department

Report from Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products (Hong Kong), Ltd., which was established in 1995 as a sales company handling electronics products and has subsequently developed into the hub of a large network involving sales, procurement, and logistics.

Company Profile
Company Name
Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products (Hong Kong), Ltd.
September 1995
Sales of flexible printed circuits (FPCs), electronic wire, and fine polymer products, procurements and sales of components, and management of logistics
Kazuto Ogawa

Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products (Hong Kong), Ltd. (SEPH) is headquartered in Hong Kong. As one of China’s special administrative regions, the world city is mainly characterized by free trade and low tax rates. In addition, SEPH has its Taiwanese branch in Taipei.

SEPH was established in 1995 in Hong Kong as a sales company handling products from the Electronics Sales Unit of Sumitomo Electric. Although the company first functioned merely as a sales base, it has now developed into the hub of a large network involving sales, procurement, and logistics. While continuing to identify market demand, the company aims to increase the profile of products from Sumitomo Electric among customers and in the market.


The office of SEPH is situated in the renowned downtown district of Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon Peninsula. Not only is the office located with convenient access to almost everywhere in Hong Kong, but it is also near a ferry terminal providing access to Macao. Moreover, a station of an express rail link service directly connecting with mainland China is scheduled to be constructed in the immediate vicinity of the office in 2018. It is thus expected that the SEPH office will enjoy further transportation convenience.

What Do We Do?

Since I joined SEPH in 2006, I’ve been engaged in sales of FPCs for mobile phones and hard disks. Today, since FPCs are used for any types of smartphones, we are very busy thanks to the explosive penetration of the mobile device. We do business with manufacturing bases located in various Asian countries, including China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Accordingly, we need to demonstrate ingenuity in communication to enable our work to proceed smoothly, while understanding various differences in cultures and national characters. Although what I do is challenging, I’m enjoying my work, feeling that I’m on the cutting edge of the era.

(Photo) Last year, SEPH celebrated its 20th anniversary.
(Photo) Last year, SEPH celebrated its 20th anniversary.
Profile of Local Staff

Rainbow Keung

Rainbow Keung

My name is Rainbow Keung. I’ve been with SEPH since its establishment, and committed to the fields of financing, funding, and IT for more than 20 years. Through my work, I’ve obtained not only expertise but also various skills, including those required for management. My encounters with many people at SEPH are a great treasure in my life.

Janette Tang

Janette Tang

I’m Janette Tang. I joined SEPH in November 2011. Currently, I’m engaged in procurement of components mounted onto FPCs for smartphones, and provide support regarding supply of components to plants in China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The smartphone market fluctuates violently in terms of demand and components prices, requiring us to carefully monitor each component’s supply and price situations. My work is difficult, but I’d like to enjoy being busy and continue to work hard while aiming to ensure an appropriate work-life balance.

Places of Interest

Victoria Harbor

Featuring a splendid night view stretching as far as the eye can see and high-rise buildings that soar to the sky, the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong is an internationally renowned sightseeing destination.

The photograph below shows Hong Kong Island as seen from Tsim Sha Tsui, where SEPH is located. However, you can enjoy an excellent view also from Hong Kong Island. Many people enjoy this beautiful scenery every day while strolling along the waterfront, taking photographs, and riding the Star Ferry. On special occasions, such as the lunar New Year, fireworks are displayed, with the harbor filled with sightseeing boats.

Victoria Harbor

Hong Kong Meals

Hong Kong is renowned for yum cha, meaning “eating dim sum (snacks) along with Chinese tea.” Although each item of dim sum is relatively small, there are many types, including steamed or deep-fried dim sum. Famous items include steamed meat dumplings and pork buns. It’s a lot of fun to share a round table with a large group of your friends, family members, or coworkers, and have yum cha.

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