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News & Topics 2016 Vol. 468

Sumitomo Electric Receives Japan Regional Quality Award from Nissan

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has received the Japan Regional Quality Award from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., in recognition of the quality of products ... For more details

A Letter of Appreciation Provided by the Okinawa Electric Power Company

At a ceremony held on July 27 for the completion of the submarine cable (Kerama Line No. 1) laid between the main land of Okinawa and Tokashiki Island, Sumitomo Electric received a letter of appreciation from the Okinawa Electric Power Company, Incorporated, for our broad experience and excellent technologies utilized in the cable laying work.

The laying work was carried out from May 2015 to the end of March 2016 to secure a stable electric power supply to the Kerama Islands including Tokashiki Island, and the line has just started operation. The cable used for the line is 30.8 km in length, the longest cable in Japan for the 22-kV transmission voltage class.

In parallel with this cable laying, about ten corals were planted for every one kilometer of the submarine cable (totaling 286 corals). This effort was also highly appreciated for our consideration regarding the natural environment.

Submarine cable laying
Submarine cable laying
Coral planting
Coral planting
Okinawa Branch Office

“SUMIDIA™ multipurpose tool SGW type” for aluminum alloy processing

SUMIDIA™ multipurpose tool SGW type (the holder is the same as that for cemented inserts)
SUMIDIA™ multipurpose tool SGW type
(the holder is the same as that for cemented inserts)

In the automotive and aircraft industries, weight saving is required to improve fuel economy, and accordingly non-ferrous metal materials such as aluminum alloy are increasingly used.

In aluminum alloy processing, however, soft stretchy chips become entangled with the workpiece and tool, which prevents the machine processing from being automated. In addition, entangled chips could damage the workpiece, making it difficult to process aluminum alloy with high quality and precision in a stable manner.

To solve these problems, Sumitomo Electric has developed SUMIDIA™ multipurpose tool SGW type.

Comparison of chips (example)

Without chip breaker
Without chip breaker
With chip breaker
With chip breaker

Main features of the product

(1) A three-dimensional chip breaker on the diamond-sintered body near the blade edge enabled excellent chip controllability in grooving and cross-feeding of aluminum alloy.

(2) The use of DA1000, a high-strength material made by sintering ultrafine diamonds at a high density, for the blade edge enabled excellent resistance to fracture and wear, achieving high-precision and high-efficiency machining.

NTT West Procurement and Supply Center Director Award

A letter of appreciation provided by Mr. Saito, Director of NTT West Procurement Center
A letter of appreciation provided by Mr. Saito, Director of NTT West Procurement Center

August 1, 2016, Sumitomo Electric received the “Director Award” from NTT West Procurement and Supply Center for our contribution to promotion of the pinpoint optical network using the relay amplifier.*1

This award was given because the first commercial introduction of our PON*2 repeater to NTT West’s Kumano Old Trail Project was highly evaluated.

A relay amplifier is a device required to transmit signals over long distances by amplifying decaying signals.
Passive Optical Network (PON) is a technology that realizes an economical network by sharing a single optical fiber with multiple subscribers by using a splitter.

Wiring Harness WorldSkills 2016

A competitor demonstrating her skills
A competitor demonstrating her skills

Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. held preliminary contests at its wiring harness manufacturing bases around the world, and then held Wiring Harness WorldSkills 2016 at Suzuka Circuit in Mie, Japan on July 13 to decide the winner with the highest manufacturing skills.

The competition started in 2003, and this event marks its 12th year. Thirty-nine teams from 17 countries in Asia, America, and Europe took part in this year’s competition and the participants totaled 231, which made it the largest-ever competition. For the highest score total, participants competed in six events that reproduced wiring harness production processes. In a tense atmosphere, competitors who had passed the fierce preliminary rounds demonstrated their skills and competed intensely as representatives for more than 200,000 employees of the wiring harness manufacturers. This year’s winning team was SUMl-HANEL Wiring Systems Co., Ltd. from Vietnam.

By taking the opportunity like WorldSkills, where employees from different cultures and backgrounds devote themselves to a single goal of improving their production skills, our group is aiming to improve product quality and take the entire group to a higher level.

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