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Special Feature
Newsletter "SEI WORLD" 2016 Vol. 467

InnoTrans 2016 International Trade Fair for Transport Technology

InnoTrans is an internastional trade fair for transport technology held every two years in Berlin, Germany. At this fair, passenger/freight transport system/equipment manufacturers around the world showcase their innovative products and technologies. This is the second time for the Sumitomo Electric Group to take part in this event (after 2014) to exhibit its product lineup for railroad transport applications.

Outline of InnoTrans 2016

Tuesday, Sep. 20 – Friday, 23, 2016
The Messe Berlin Exhibition Grounds (Berlin, Germany)
Our booth
Hall 10.1 / No. 201
Official website

The following are some of our products that will be exhibited at the fair.

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Power cables

Our power cables are widely used in railroad facilities to transmit medium to low voltage between substations, between substations and station buildings, as well as from power distribution board to signal equipment.

Cutting tools for railway parts
These tools are used to cut wheels, bogies, and other railroad car parts.
Cutting tools for railway parts
Air springs for railcars
Air springs absorb the vibration of running railroad cars, ensuring a comfortable and stable ride for the passengers.
Air springs for railcars
Mg-SiC Heatspreader for Power Module
The main motor used to drive a railroad car generates a large amount of heat. Installed in the power module that controls the main motor, Mg-SiC heatsinks dissipate heat to protect the devices mounted on the power module from thermal destruction.
Mg-SiC Heatspreader for Power Module
Aluminum welding wire
Aluminum welding wires are used to weld car bodies, contributing to body weight reduction.
Aluminum welding wire
Low-voltage electric wire
This wire is used for the internal wiring of railroad cars. Though thin, flexible, and lightweight, this wire is superior in mechanical strength.
Low-voltage electric wire (Non-US and US Market)

Heat Shrinkable Tubing (SUMITUBE™)

Sumitube™ shrinks in the radial direction when heated. It is used to insulate wires or protect bundled wires/harnesses.

Solder Termination Sleeves and Sealed Crimp Kits (SUMITUBE™ STS)

Sumitube™ STS, which is a heat shrinkable tube filled with solder, is used to connect electric wires, protect seals, and insulate the wires in a collective manner.

Heat Shrinkable Tubing (SUMITUBE®)
Heat Shrinkable Tubing (SUMITUBE™)
Solder Termination Sleeves and Sealed Crimp Kits (SUMITUBE® STS)
Solder Termination Sleeves and Sealed Crimp Kits (SUMITUBE™ STS)

Cable & Wire Marking System (SumiTag™)

Sumitag™ is a printing system used to print identification marks on the cables that will be laid in railroad cars and aircraft.

Contact wire
Made of copper or a copper alloy, the trolley wire is brought into physical contact with pantographs to feed electricity to railroad cars.
Contact wire
Epoxy Coated and Filled strand
(Prestressed concrete steel)
Epoxy coated and filled (ECF) strand is a prestressed concrete (PC) steel cable made by filling the spaces between the outer periphery and element wires with epoxy resin to ensure excellent corrosion resistance.
Epoxy Coated and Filled strand (Prestressed concrete steel)
Tensile force sensor (SmART Cell™)
SmART Cell™ is a retractable magnetic tension sensor that is replaceable in the event of an unexpected failure. It monitors the tension of a PC steel cable over a long period of time.
Tensile force sensor (SmART Cell™)

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