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J-Power Systems Corporation
In 2001, the power cable groups of Sumitomo Electric and former Hitachi Cable, Ltd. (present-day Hitachi Metals, Ltd.) were merged to form one consolidated manufacturer of electric wires and cables, J-Power Systems Corporation (JPS). Currently, the construction, sales, and R&D groups have been transferred to Sumitomo Electric, while JPS is responsible for the design and manufacture of products.
Company Profile
Company Name
J-Power Systems Corporation
July 2001
Design, manufacture, sale, construction and export of power transmission and distribution cables, aerial power cables, and their associated systems such as accessories
Yoshinobu Koizumi
Representative Director and President

Manufacture of high-quality, highly functional, and highly reliable products

400 kV DC crosslinked polyethylene insulated cable
400 kV DC crosslinked polyethylene insulated cable

The company has major manufacturing bases in Kansai and Kanto regions.

In Kansai, the Osaka Works produces submarine cables and power cables. In Kanto, the company has three plants in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture: Toyoura Works (manufacture of overhead transmission lines), Hitaka Works (manufacture of power cables), and Minato Works (manufacture of submarine cables).

Our cable products cover both the transmission from power plants to substations and distribution from substations to factories and homes. Staff members at each workplace understand their responsibility in sustaining social infrastructure and are proud of making high-quality products.

With this spirit in mind, JPS works in a team setting.

Aluminum wires (Invar alloy wires)
Aluminum wires (Invar alloy wires)
Underground power transmission 500 kV DC cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable
Underground power transmission 500 kV DC cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable
PPLP™-MI DC submarine power cable
PPLP™-MI DC submarine power cable
Staff working at JPS

Aerial Cable Division  Nobuaki Suga

Aerial Cable Division Nobuaki Suga

About 100 people work at the Toyoura Works. It is like a small company in a big corporation. We are proud of our strong cohesion in addressing challenges.

Hitaka Cable Division  Eisaku Kashimura

Hitaka Cable Division Eisaku Kashimura

I supervise the processes of twisting and jointing cables. While I feel pressure, I also take pride in my work making heavyweight products that sustain society’s various infrastructures.

Overseas Engineering Division  Yosuke Nakaya

Overseas Engineering Division Yosuke Nakaya

I am responsible for the design of submarine cables and technical sales to overseas customers. In my division, we can directly listen to feedback from our customers in promoting projects. We sometimes receive letters of appreciation from our customers. We share a variety of information with our manufacturing groups.

Hitaka Cable Division  Tatsuki Sato

Hitaka Cable Division Tatsuki Sato

I have been engaged in production since I first joined the company. I would like to be an engineer who understands every process of production and knows how to operate each process. I work in a vibrant workplace, thanks to our senior workers who listen to the opinions of younger workers.

Hitaka Cable Division  Tomoyo Shibata

Hitaka Cable Division Tomoyo Shibata

Every day, I am busy with my purchasing and general affairs duties for sections and divisions, in addition to secretarial work.

Recent project

Winning the order for a large-scale submarine cable system in Europe

JPS of the Sumitomo Electric Group won the contract for a high-voltage DC transmission cable system to connect England and Belgium from NEMO Link Limited, a joint venture company formed from National Grid in the UK and ELIA in Belgium. The project will build an interconnecting transmission line, 141.5 km long, connecting AC/DC converter stations to be built in the UK and Belgium. JPS is responsible for the design and manufacture of ±400 kV class cables, the world’s highest-voltage DC XLPE insulated cable, which will be delivered in 2019 after construction and commissioning. News of the adoption of the first Asian cable manufacturer in the construction of Europe’s important interconnecting lines is attracting worldwide attention.

Exchange with the local community

Visits by children of a local elementary school

Each year, JPS offers a factory tour for students of Hitachi Municipal Hitaka Elementary School. Visitors listen to a lecture on an outline of JPS and methods used to produce electric cable on the first floor of the vertical insulation extrusion line, inspect the production on the eighth floor, and take the overall view from the observation area. Serious expressions as well as brimming smiles on the children’s faces encourage us to continue providing this tour.

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