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Special Feature 
Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.457

The 44th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2015

The Sumitomo Electric Group will participate in the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015, where participating companies will exhibit new vehicle-related technologies and products. The theme of the Motor Show is “Your heart will race.”

At the Show, we will showcase a variety of automotive technologies, which are categorized into: “For Earth-Friendly Vehicles,” “Connecting Technology Brings No Traffic Jam and Accident in City,” and “Become More Convenient,” under the concept of “Link to the NEXT.”

A demonstration car will be exhibited at our booth. Visitors will be able to see how our automotive products make up an automobile. Using video, we will also explain the products displayed at our booth.

We extend a sincere welcome to you at our booth.

Explanation of the exhibits

Demonstration car

A car made up of the wire harnesses and other automotive products we make will be exhibited. Visitors will be able to visually check the installation position of each product and the three-dimensional routes of the wire harnesses.

More earth-conscious vehicles

Regenerative DC/DC converter

This converter is an energy recovery system that enhances the fuel economy of the vehicle. In particular, this converter controls the voltage between the battery, generator, and each unit to ensure their stable operation. Comprising our original high heat-dissipation board, this converter is compact and highly efficient.

Aluminum harness
A wire harness made of aluminum instead of heavier copper. Use of extremely lightweight aluminum harnesses enhances the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.
Aluminum harness
Battery wiring module
This module serially connects the battery cells of an EV or HEV. Ensuring a safe electrical connection between battery cells and insulating them from the surrounding conductors, this module is superior in workability and versatility.
Battery wiring module

Making your life more convenient

BCM with integrated push & smart function
This product controls the operation of on-board equipment. It saves space inside the vehicle by integrating smart entry functions that do not need the use of a key.
BCM with integrated push & smart function

Eliminating traffic accidents and jams from cities with connection technology

Advanced infrared beacon
This beacon is a communication device that is installed above a road to transmit traffic information to vehicles driving on the road. It also functions as a vehicle sensor.
Advanced infrared beacon
Next-generation central gateway
The Sumitomo Electric Group has developed a next-generation gateway that provides a multi-protocol and secure automotive network for Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and automatic driving.
Next-generation central gateway

High-speed on-board LAN

To meet increasing needs associated with the advances in drive assistance technology, the Sumitomo Electric Group has developed a high-speed on-board communication harness (metal and optical) that can promptly transmit a great deal of information and data on images and the situation surrounding the vehicle.

October 30 to November 08, 2015 (open to the public)
Tokyo Big Sight
Official website
Sumitomo Electric Group booth No.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. and Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.
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