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Latest Information 2015 Vol. 456

Sumitomo Electric’s 10G-EPON system employed by heart@network Co., Ltd.

10G-EPON station system FSU7100
10G-EPON station system FSU7100

Sumitomo Electric’s 10 Gigabit-Ethernet-Passive Optical Network (10G-EPON)*1 system has been employed by heart@network Co., Ltd. (heart@network), the first cable TV station in Japan to build a network for commercializing the 10 Gbps communication service.

In the 10G-EPON system, FSU7100 (the station system) is equipped with communication line cards for 10G-EPON, and is connected with optical network units to achieve 10 Gbps communication service.

With the future shift to full IP and 4K broadcasting in mind, heart@network will continue to enhance the service for local customers, local governments, and companies.

We will provide cable TV operators with extensive support in increasing the broadcasting image quality and communication speed by using the 10G-EPON systems. We will also help cable TV operators quickly launch the 4K service by offering the end-to-end total solution (from 4K digital head end equipment to 4K-supported Set top boxes*2 and promote participation in the standardization activities, etc.

10 Gigabit-Ethernet-Passive Optical Network (10G-EPON): An optical subscriber network with the transmission speed of 10 Gbps.
Set top box: A device for receiving image signals and converting them to be watched on TV.
Broad Networks Div.

Merger and reorganization of businesses of power transmission/distribution electric wires/cables and electrical equipment

On January 1, 2016, the power transmission/distribution wire/cable business and electrical equipment businesses operated by Sumitomo Electric, J-Power Systems Corporation (JPS), and Sumiden Asahi Industries, Ltd. (Sumiden Asahi) will be merged and reorganized as described below.

1. Reorganization of the power transmission/distribution wire/cable business

JPS’s business related to design, development, and quality assurance of electric wires, cables, and power transmission equipment will be transferred to Sumitomo Electric through an absorption-type company split, and will be consolidated under Sumitomo Electric’s brand.

JPS will focus primarily on manufacture of power transmission/distribution wires/cables.

The sales and installation operations of electric wires, cables, and power transmission equipment have been transferred to Sumitomo Electric on August 1, 2014.

2. Reorganization of the electrical equipment business

JPS’s business related to (i) design, development, manufacture, raw materials procurement, and quality assurance of aerial equipment and power distribution equipment and (ii) manufacture and raw materials procurement of power transmission equipment will be merged by Sumiden Asahi through an absorption type company split. Sumiden Asahi’s name will be changed (new company after merger: Sumiden Transmission and Distribution Systems Products Corp. [tentative name]).

The sales operations regarding electrical equipment for power companies will be undertaken solely by Sumitomo Electric. Products will be sold under the Sumitomo Electric brand.

The products for private companies currently sold by Sumiden Asahi will be sold by the new company after merger.

[Overview of the new company after merger]

Trade name
Sumiden Transmission and Distribution Systems Products Corp. (tentative name)
Head office
Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Date of commencement of business
(date on which the split takes effect)
January 1, 2016
310 million yen

In these power businesses, the demand for electricity is expected to grow in emerging countries in Asia, etc. Offshore wind power generation and international interconnection line projects, among others, are also expected to boost the demand. Meanwhile, the demand in Japan remains sluggish, resulting in a difficult business environment. Based on this reorganization, we will further advance our efforts to develop products and expand the business while properly identifying business opportunities, in order to offer ever higher value to customers within and outside Japan.

Power Cable Div.

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