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Car navigation engine for smartphones and tablet devices

We introduce a development kit that strongly supports the development of iOS- and Android-based car navigation systems using road traffic information.

Product data
  • Start of sales: 2012

What is AgentNavi™?

AgentNavi™ is a development kit that enables application developers to add a variety of functions to car navigation applications that run on smartphones and tablet devices. Both iOS and Android are supported, allowing the development of highly versatile car navigation applications.

The kit is currently used by car manufacturers and portal site operators.

Features of AgentNavi™

(1) Map display function

This function displays the latest map on the driver's smartphone from the server. The map shows VICS information such as current location, travel path, recommended routes to the destination, congestion, and traffic control. You can scroll the map, change the scale, and switch the view between either north-up or heading-up layout.

(2) Route search function

Based on huge traffic data and congestion forecasts from all over Japan, this function calculates the optimal route and sends it to your terminal. If you deviate from the recommended route, alternative routes are automatically searched.

(3) Route guidance function

This function provides on-road route guidance both visually and verbally. Traffic information and navigation in an easy-to-understand manner are provided before a turning point. While traveling the route, drivers are informed of the distance to the destination, and the estimated arrival time is displayed.

(4) Map matching function

By matching GPS data and road data, this function calculates the driver's precise location on the map. In addition, if vehicle speed is obtainable, the smartphone’s gyro function can be used to increase the accuracy of location information to more precisely calculate one’s location inside tunnels.

●iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco (USA) in the United States and other countries and used under license agreement.
●Android is a trademark or registered trademark of Google Inc. (USA) in the United States and other countries.

Interview with engineer in charge
Masahiro Nakajima
Sumitomo Electric System Solutions Co., Ltd.
Mobile Systems Division, New Business Promotion Office
中島 正浩

How did you start the development?

Since 2004, our division has been selling the Telematics server software, which delivers traffic information including routes to a destination to terminals such as car navigation systems. The software has been adopted by manufacturers of cars and navigation systems. In 2011, we began development of a cloud-based smartphone car navigation system utilizing the above server software. At first, we investigated the existing smartphone navigation systems and decided to achieve the fastest route calculation speed in the industry and highly accurate locational detection. In route calculation, we thoroughly eliminated waste and optimized arithmetic processing, resulting in the industry's fastest calculation speed of less than one second to search a route between Tokyo and Osaka.

In location detection, we analyzed the characteristics of sensors mounted on smartphones, developed a smartphone-dedicated map-matching algorithm, and achieved high-performance location detection. In addition, we improved the frequency of map information updates by using Internet delivery. This AgentNavi™ was released in 2012 and adopted by car manufacturers. Furthermore, in 2014, it was adopted by Yahoo! car navigation system, giving our developers much joy. AgentNavi™ and its functions will be continually improved and be appreciated by users.

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