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Group Company of the Month:WIN-M

A report from SEDV (Vietnam), which is currently developing as a production base for optical devices and electronic devices used for optical communication and wireless communication equipment
Tomonobu Minami Sales Department
Isao Fukushima
Device Manufacturing Department
Company Profile
Company name
Sumiden Device Innovations Vietnam Co., Ltd.
December 22, 2011
Manufacture of optical devices and electronic devices using compound semiconductors, as well as manufacture of optical connectors
Shunichi Yoneyama

Sumiden Device Innovations Vietnam Co., Ltd. (SEDV) was established in December 2011 in Amata Industrial Park near Ho Chi Minh City as a production subsidiary wholly funded by Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations Inc. (SEDI).

SEDV is one of the production bases for lower process (implementation and testing) of optical devices and electronic devices used for optical communication and wireless communication equipment. In terms of the environment surrounding device products, in step with the spread of FTTH service and a rapid increase in demand for smartphones and other mobile terminal devices, it is becoming more and more necessary to place new products promptly into the market, and to enhance price competitiveness. In this sense, SEDV is an essential production base for mass-production and price-reduction. Meanwhile, since the production of connector products was transferred from SEI Optifrontier to SEDV about one year ago, SEDV now plays an important role in manufacturing those products as well.

Reinforcing the SEQCDD* Efforts and Strengthening Plant Structure SEDV is located in Amata Industrial Park, Bien Hoa City, approximately 30 km east of Ho Chi Minh City.

I was transferred from SEDI to SEDV in July 2012. Back then, SEDV had slightly more than 200 employees, whereas today it has grown to more than 500.

I was transferred to SEPS in October 2012. As a sales person of irradiated products, such as shrinkable tubes, I sell products in a wide range of markets, such as the electronics and automobile & two-wheeled vehicle fields in Southeast Asia, and the infrastructure field in India. When working with local staff and customers, I sometimes experience a language barrier and differences in approach and customs. I strive to ensure good communication with them, thereby establishing relationships of trust.

For the past year at SEDV, we have been concentrating on increasing the production volume of gallium nitride (GaN) device products used for LTE base stations.

I had never lived apart from my family for the sake of my job, until I was transferred to SEDV at the age of 49. My first experience of leaving my family behind started abroad, in Vietnam. Many of the people I work with in Vietnam are calm, serious, and industrious, and always greet me with smiles. When communicating with local staff in this environment, I always focus on drawing many more opinions from them regarding what should be done to solve various problems.

We will celebrate SEDV’s fourth anniversary this year. By further reinforcing our SEQCDD efforts, we would like to strengthen our plant structure step by step.

SEDV staff members
SEDV staff members

* SEQCDD: S (safety), E (environment), Q (quality), C (cost), D (delivery), and D (development)

Profile of Local Staff Members

Tran Vinh

Tran Vinh

Go-anzen-ni (maintain safety)! Hello, everybody. I’m Tran Vinh, 32. It is nine years since I joined SEDV’s predecessor company, Phonon Meiwa, in 2006. For the first two years, I translated documents regarding operation standards and served as an interpreter for Japanese staff visiting Vietnam on business. Afterwards, I was engaged in quality management. At SEDV, as a member of the production engineering department, I have been responsible for safety, quality, and production transference.

By working together with senior staff members, I’m striving to gain deeper understanding of Sumitomo Electric’s mindset and culture, and to obtain new expertise, thereby improving my capabilities. I would like to cooperate with all of you for a further business development of Sumitomo Electric Industries.

Tran Thi Tinh

Tran Thi Tinh

Hello, everyone. I’m Tran Thi Tinh. I joined SEDV as the manager of the accounting section to support the operation launch of SEDV and the accounting section, when the company was established in 2011. I’m responsible for the management of cash flow and expenditures, and the preparation of financial statements and annual budgets. I’m also in charge of supervision and management of accounting staff members, so that they will promote tasks in compliance with Vietnamese laws and regulations, as well as SEDV and Sumitomo Electric Group’s policies, in order to minimize financial risks.

I feel very happy that I can work for this company. I would like to continue to work very hard and do my best for the growth of the company.

Places of Interest

Ho Chi Minh City and its Cultural Diversity

Ho Chi Minh as a Commercial City

Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica
Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica

Ho Chi Minh is Vietnam’s largest commercial city and sightseeing locale. The city’s population, which is increasing rapidly today, has reached 7 million. High-rise buildings and large-scale shopping centers are being constructed one after another. Annually attracting more than 4 million tourists from around the world, Ho Chi Minh has also become one of the most popular cities in the world.

Although there are no World Heritage properties in the city, many structures constructed during the period of colonial rule by France still remain. The combination of the city’s beautiful streets, often touted as “petit Paris,” modern high-rise buildings and also Asian-style alleys enables you to experience diverse cultures. Meanwhile, the construction of the city’s first subway, though a little late compared with other major cities around the world, is now underway.

Vietnam, a Nation of Coffee

Roadside coffee stand
Roadside coffee stand

Although this might not be so widely known, Vietnam is the world’s largest producer of robusta coffee, and is ranked second after Brazil in the volume of exported coffee. Coffee shops and cafés can be seen almost anywhere on any street. These shops are crowded with many people throughout the day – with workers taking a break in the morning, and with couples at other times. I feel that in Japan, there are fewer and fewer places today where you can drop in casually in your free time. In Vietnam, however, there are still many places where people can chat and enjoy casual interaction. This has made me realize that such places where people can relax as they like are precious things that are literally priceless.

Employees’ trip (to Vung Tau beach)
Employees’ trip (to Vung Tau beach)
Bitexco Tower (68-story building)
Bitexco Tower (68-story building)
Current situation of Nguyen Hue Street, the main street of Ho Chi Minh City (construction underway)
Current situation of Nguyen Hue Street, the main street of Ho Chi Minh City (construction underway)

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