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Latest Information 
Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.449

Ballast Water Treatment System, ECOMARINE™ UV, has Received United States Coast Guard AMS Acceptance.

Sumitomo Electric UV ballast water treatment system, ECOMARINE™ UV, exhibits a high organism-removing efficiency, low power consumption, and high maintainability by virtue of an originally developed rotation cleaning (RC) filter*1. In June 2014, this system was approved by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in accordance with the G8 Guidelines*2. Recently, it was also accepted for use as an Alternative Management System*3 (AMS) by the United States Coast Guard (USCG). As a result, this system can be installed in the ships that stop at ports in the United States that have set their own regulations for the control of ballast water. Sumitomo Electric aims to obtain the type approval of the system from the USCG in 2016.

For the sales and maintenance of ECOMARINE™ UV, Sumitomo Electric will cooperate with Hitachi Zosen Corporation, a partner of the Ecomarine Technology Research Association in Japan.

*1 Rotation cleaning filter
A filter comprising a replaceable cartridge for which a nonwoven fabric is used as a filter fabric to ensure long-lasting high filtering performance.
*2 G8 Guidelines
“Guidelines for type approval of ballast water management systems” developed and adopted by the International Convention for the Management of Ballast Water.
*3 Alternative Management System
When a ballast water treatment system is type-approved by International Maritime Organization (IMO) and then accepted by USCG as AMS, this system is given a maximum of five years as a grace period until it obtains a type approval from the USCG.
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Development of New Wiring Solution, SmartGP™, that Makes It Possible to Apply FTTH Technology to Local Area Network

Sumitomo Electric System Solution has developed and launched a new wiring solution, SmartGP™. Our SmartGP™ is a solution that enables the construction of wide area network infrastructures for plants, offices, commercial complexes, and various other facilities. In particular, this new solution combines FTTH equipment (GE-PON), which has been widely used by telecommunication carriers in the market where high signal transmission reliability is required, together with an FTTH technique such as optical trunk line branching. The SmartGP™ is a solution that ensures simple, flexible operation of network infrastructures that support the continuously changing business environments of our customers.

Advantages of SmartGP™

Simple structure
● GE-PON equipment comprising only an OTL and ONU, which simplifies the separation of an area in trouble from the network.
● A closure branches the optical trunk line, thereby requiring neither equipment location space nor temperature/power source control. Reasonable price

Reasonable price
● Reduces network relocation/expansion costs.
· Equipment cost for network expansion is low (center side: GE-PON, SFP module for OLT optical port; terminal side: ONU).
· Minimizes the scope of cabling work since a trunk line can be branched with a closure at an arbitrary point.
Continuous signal transmission

Continuous signal transmission
● Cable redundancy is realized by wiring an optical trunk line in a loop configuration. Even if the cable is disconnected, the communication can be restored instantly by a backup route. Thus, system dead time can be minimized.

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