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Special Feature 2015 Vol.449

Smart Chaser™

Introduction of Smart Chaser™, a video surveillance system that uses Sumitomo Electric’s advanced image recognition technology

What is Smart Chaser™?

Smart Chaser™ is a video surveillance system that can automatically detect persons and vehicles from surveillance camera images using an advanced image recognition technology.

When an image from an existing fixed surveillance camera is input to Smart Chaser™ and the camera installation conditions are set, Smart Chaser™ detects persons and vehicles from moving objects captured by the camera and displays these persons and vehicles together with the detection frame. Thus this surveillance system enhances the visibility of persons and vehicles in surveillance images. This system can also display on a monitor the movement trajectory of the subjects being tracked (persons and vehicles). Further, this system can be connected to a peripheral device to activate an alarm in the surveillance room or a light- or sound-intimidation device at the surveillance site when the detected target meets a preset alarm activation conditions. As described above, Smart Chaser™ enables construction of a reliable, efficient surveillance system, thereby helping prevent crimes and accidents while reducing burdens on surveillance workers. The design of Smart Chaser™ was modified in November 2014 so that it can be connected to an AXIS network camera besides a conventional analog camera.

Potential applications of Smart Chaser™

● Surveillance of “mega solar” power plants, construction material storage yards, data centers, stores, schools, important cultural properties, etc. to accurately pick out trespassers.

● Surveillance of hazardous places in elementary schools, kindergartens, nursery schools, elder care facilities, nursing homes, etc. to protect persons approaching such places from accident or harm.

In the near future, we will add a “traverse detection” function to the current Smart Chaser™ model. With this function, Smart Chaser™ will be able to judge the direction of a person traversing a reference line preset in the camera image; therefore, it can be used to count the number of persons passing through a gate, to detect assisted-living residents making nonessential trips out of the institution, and for other purposes.

Main features

(1) High detection accuracy

The image recognition technology built into Smart Chaser™ can detect the movement of only persons and vehicles with high accuracy. The detection is performed by using Sumitomo Electric’s proprietary algorithm. In particular, this algorithm excludes the swaying of trees, changes in sunlight, and various other disturbances from moving objects in the camera image by referring to changes in the input video and learned data.

(2) Easy to add to an existing network camera or an analog cameata

“Smart Chaser™” is a useful solution for detecting intrusion into an intrusion-banned area. Installation of Smart Chaser™” is easy and less expensive than the construction and installation of motion detectors. 3.Advanced monitoring system

(3) Advanced monitoring system

In addition to its monitoring capability, s easy and less expensive than the construction and installation of motion detectoion system, only used for viewing and recording images, can be upgraded to an advanced system that gives an alert when an irregular incident occurs.

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