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Sumitomo Electric Concludes Long-term Fusion Splicer Supply Agreement with TATA Communications Transformation Services

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June 1, 2020
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. and its wholly owned subsidiary SEI Trading India Pvt. Ltd. (SETI) have signed a long-term fusion splicer supply agreement with the major Indian communications service company TATA Communications Transformation Services Ltd. (TCTS).

TCTS is a major Indian Communication Service Provider who has not only expanded its business into consigned construction and maintenance of mobile phone networks but also taken part in the Smart Cities Mission* launched by the Indian government. TCTS is now playing an important role in establishing information and communication networks in the country.

Optical network installation work in India is often carried out in a harsh dusty environment at high temperature (50°C) and high humidity (90%) and required a lot of travels from one site to another on rough terrain. TCTS had an urgent challenge to improve its work efficiency under such harsh environments. Thus, TCTS highly evaluated Sumitomo Electric's direct core monitoring fusion splicers, for their world-class high environmental resistance, strong structure to vibration and shock and superb loss splicing performance, and thus reached a two-year supply agreement through our Indian distributor INVAS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for the product.

TCTS has already started Installation work for optical communication networks using Sumitomo Electric's fusion splicers. It is highly expected that Sumitomo Electric's fusion splicers and SETI's maintenance and technical support will help speed up the Smart Cities Mission and other construction work for mobile phone networks.

Sumitomo Electric will continue developing products that meet market demand and providing high-quality and high-reliability products to contribute to the growth of advanced information society.

* The Smart Cities Mission: a project for developing futuristic cities across India making use of optical communication networks. Launched by the Indian government in June 2015, and has since strongly promoted by carriers in the country.

Optical network installation work in India
Optical network installation work in India
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