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President's New Year Message (summary)


January 4, 2017
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Masayoshi Matsumoto, President & CEO

Looking back at the previous year, we find a number of signs of big changes in global political and social trends, including the UK's Brexit and Donald Trump's victory in the U.S. presidential election. In this age of globalization, we are in an extremely unstable situation where once something happens somewhere in the world, it can instantly affect the rest of the world.

With this uncertain and unclear background, I would like to ask you all to implement the following three things this year.

1. Invigorate Diversity and Grow into a Global Company

All group members are in the same boat as the Sumitomo Electric Group. Based on the Sumitomo Spirit and the Sumitomo Electric Group Corporate Principles, we need to demonstrate our own individuality to reach our goal and realize further growth. This is the quickest way to develop ourselves into a Glorious Excellent Company.

I would ask each of you to review your working styles and change your own mindsets so that all members can commit themselves to working even more energetically than ever.

To promote diversity, I especially call on young people to have cross-cultural experiences by studying abroad or working as trainees to acquire multiple perspectives and establish extensive human networks.

2. Display Appropriate Sense of Tension and Preserve Discipline in the Workplace

To increase efficiency and productivity within organizations, it is necessary to ensure open communication and establish a process in which even informal information is shared as formal information. In addition, to prevent members from closing their eyes to each other's improprieties, it is essential for each member to work with an appropriate sense of tension based on proper discipline in the workplace.

We need to establish a highly transparent crystal pyramid organization, where the vectors of all the staff members are oriented toward the same direction, thereby accomplishing our targets. In such a work environment, I expect you to work together in friendly rivalry, while showing consideration of each other.

3. Further Evolve SEQCDD

SEQCDD (Safety, environment, quality, cost, delivery, and research and development) is a barometer that determines the outcome of our competition with our rivals and serves as the basics of our management. Regarding safety and quality, I strongly ask that each department will attain its targets with both top-down and bottom-up approaches.

In April this year, the final fiscal year for VISION 2017 will start. For the environment surrounding us, there is no real cause for optimism. However, I hope that you demonstrate a strong willingness to achieve your targets, and work cheerfully, pleasantly, and energetically.

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