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Sumitomo Competence

  1. 1Alloying and plating technology

    Wide range of materials are available: Ni-Cr alloy, Ni-Sn alloy, Al* and Cu*.
    Celmet™ has been widely adopted in various industrial fields such as current collectors of fuel cell and electrodes of hydrogen generator.
    Porous metal of other materials such as Ti are also in development.

    *under development

    Alloying and plating technology
  2. 2World’s largest production capacity

    Celmet™ has been adopted as electrodes of Ni-MH battery for hybrid vehicles.

  3. 3Established quality control

    Reliability requirements for automotive products are widely understood and reflected in our technology development and product design.
    Quality evaluation and analysis technology are cultivated over many years of product development.

  4. 4Long length

    Celmet™ can be provided in hoop (coil) form.

    Long length


  5. 5Strong technical support team

    First and foremost, please share your interest with us. Even if it may seem difficult to put it into production at present, we would like to collaborate together with you to realize your request.

Application Development of Celmet™

We develop high-functioning Celmet™
to meet your request


1Current collector

Large surface area and high porosity improve battery performance.

Electrode current collector of Ni-MH battery


Advantages of Applying Celmet™

  • High porosity can increase the amount of active material per unit area, and improve cell capacity.
  • Compared to sintered metal, Celmet™ increases productivity of the electrode due to paste filling system.

2Grease filter

Large surface area improve oil-collection performance and
high porosity reduce the pressure loss.


Advantages of Applying Celmet™

Collection performance
  • Compared to baffle filter, Celmet™ has higher collection performance due to its large surface area.
  • The material (nickel) can be repeatedly used by alkaline washing.
Strength and safety
  • Compared to ceramic filter, Celmet™ is durable and can be used repeatedly.
  • Compared to metal fiber or ceramic, Celmet™ has less chipping and mechanical degradation, improving safety.
  • Compared to baffle filter of stainless steel, Celmet™ has better fireproof performance due to lower thermal conductivity.
Weight saving
  • The weight is one-third of baffle filter.
Grease filter

Grease filter

3Catalyst carrier

Large surface area increase catalyst carrier amount and high porosity reduce the pressure loss.


Advantages of Applying Celmet™

Improve performance
  • Compared to ceramics, the amount of catalyst carrier is increased due to its large surface area.
Low pressure loss
  • Compared to porous alumina, Celmet™ has better in balance between low pressure loss and high catalyst carrier.
Durability and strength
  • Compared to ceramic filter, Celmet™ is durable and can be used repeatedly.

4Electrodes of water electrolysis

Large surface area increase the amount of hydrogen generation.

Current-voltage characteristics of hydrogen generation electrode

Advantages of Applying Celmet™

Reduction of hydrogen overvoltage
  • Hydrogen generation capability is proportional to surface area of ​​electrode.
  • Compared to lath or mesh, Celmet™ reduces hydrogen overvoltage.
Improvement in hydrogen generation efficiency
  • Compared to lath or mesh, the amount of hydrogen generated at the same current density is increased.