PHOTO:Sheena Nasim
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What do you do at Sumitomo Electric?

I'm a researcher in the Data Analysis Technology Group under IoT R&D Center. My job mainly focuses on automation of various manufacturing processes using artificial intelligence.

Why did you want to intern at Sumitomo Electric?

It was a great opportunity to do an internship in a company which has a long history of leadership in Japanese industry. I was looking forward to working with a company in which I can work on a variety of tasks to empower my skills and lay the foundation for my growth. Sumitomo Electric internship seemed to be a perfect match for this.

Why did you join Sumitomo Electric?

The job offered by Sumitomo Electric really excited me as I was well aware of the immense opportunity I would get to use my advanced artificial intelligence and data science techniques. Importantly, I wanted to work with the innovative researchers in Sumitomo Electric and build my career. Hands on in building high quality solutions for complicated problems will surely push me to do my best by learning more and expanding my capabilities to new areas.

What has been the most interesting you have learned in this internship?

All my thoughts and ideas were respected and valued even though I was an intern with little experience. I was always encouraged to think out of the box.

How do you see your career at Sumitomo Electric?

I see my career in Sumitomo Electric as very promising. I learn and experiment with new things every day, which will help me become capable of taking on expanded responsibilities in the future.

PHOTO:Sheena Nasim

A message to students who consider participating in the internship.

This is an internship in which learning is not just limited to your project or academics. The factory visits associated with the internship really awaken the curiosity in you. It's an awesome opportunity to get to know the fantastic culture and to experience the scenic beauty of Japan and also to mingle with other fellow interns from different countries.