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Productive Process

Aluminum wire rod is used as Aluminum electric wire and a variety of aluminum alloy material and bar material.
Continuous Casting and Rolling method, which makes the unlimited length cast bar from the molten aluminum whose chemical components are adjusted, was developed in the 1960’s and was put to practical use mainly for production of aluminum electric wire.

In our company, continuous casting and rolling machine was installed in 1973 and pure aluminum wire rod series was mainly produced for aluminum electric wire.

Thereafter we achieved the facility development and technology development for aluminum alloy wire rod, which was used for automobile component, office automation equipment component, welding, etc. And at present we produce a variety of aluminum alloy wire rod from small diameter to big diameter.

Characteristics of Continuous Casting and Rolling Wire Rod
  • High productivity and energy-saving production by the consistent process
  • Big wire rod coil without joint
  • High quality microstructure because of rapid cooling solidification
Manufacturing Process

A variety of Aluminum and Aluminum alloy wire rod is drawn to aluminum and aluminum alloy wire and wire bar through the process of cold drawing, peeling, and heat treatment if necessary.

Manufacturing Process
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