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R&D Planning & Administration Division

R&D planning (mid-term research plan, new research proposal & business creation, open innovation)

With the belief that research and development are the driving force for our company's growth, we are promoting the implementation of our mid-term management plan "VISION 2022" that prescribes the target/direction, strategy, resource allocation, and action program for our R&D. The proposal of new research activities and the promotion of research in the early stages are also our main tasks for our future business. Moreover, for the acceleration of R&D and the creation of new business fields using external operating resources, we set forward open innovations such as collaborative/contract research with universities and laboratories, effective use of national subsidies, and collaboration with other companies.

R&D administration/support and human resources development

For smooth R&D activities, we focus on overall R&D management such as total administration of R&D expenses, assessment/analysis of research projects that have been conducted for a set period of time, and preparation of steering groups considering the status of R&D progress. Moreover, we provide training programs to cultivate human resources, and also work to ensure full compliance.

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