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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2014

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[Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.445]

Sumitomo Electric Receives JPCI Award for Outstanding Engineering Innovation 2014

The Prestressed concrete (PC)* External Cable Tension Monitoring System for Existing PC Bridges, jointly developed by Sumitomo (SEI) Steel Wire Corp. (hereafter referred to as “our company”), West Japan Railway Company, and JR West Japan Consultants Company, was presented with the JPCI Award for Outstanding Engineering Innovations by the Japan Prestressed Concrete Institute. Masashi Oikawa, PC Technical Department of our company, and the team members received the award.

The award-winning system was developed to achieve two purposes simultaneously: monitoring the safety of an existing PC bridge as a whole, and reinforcing the bridge structure. The system utilizes an additional reinforced cable system (external cables to a pc bridge) and a tension sensor, both developed by our company. Unlike conventional inspection methods such as drilling through the concrete surface, the monitoring system has the capability to quantitatively evaluate the behavior of the entire bridge by measuring the tension values of the external cables. If an abnormality is detected in the tension values, the bridge’s performance can be quickly recovered by increasing the tension introduced through the external cables.

The award was presented for the high evaluation of the system as an innovative maintenance method for the existing social infrastructure.


A railway bridge that employs the award-winning monitoring system


Award certificate


*Prestressed Concrete (PC):
Concrete with added compression force using PC steel in order to create high strength in large structures, such as large bridges, tanks, and buildings.


Sumitomo (SEI) Steel Wire Corp.

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