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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2014

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[Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol.439]

Sumitomo Electric Wins the Encouragement Prize at the 2013 Osaka Outstanding Invention Awards

The Osaka Outstanding Invention Awards sponsored by the Osaka Institute of Invention and Innovation aim to commend outstanding inventions and innovations made by individuals, companies and organizations in Osaka, in order to encourage revitalization of the Osaka region and development of technology and invention.

Sumitomo Electric was commended for its design approach for the development of a tooth profile of an oil pump rotor that had contributed to better automotive fuel efficiency, one of the major social needs of today. The prize highly recognized the invention’s achievements, such as downsizing the pump without sacrificing its volumetric efficiency, reduction of the required driving torque by optimizing rotor size, and its commercial use since 2011 in the transmissions of hybrid vehicles, products representing cutting-edge technologies in fuel economy. Moreover, the technology is extendable to other non-automotive industries, thus possibly expanding its potential in energy and resource saving.

Awards ceremony (Chief inventor Mr. Masato Uozumi)


Awarded technology: Oil pump rotor “Geocloid™” (Patent No.4600844)


Intellectual Property Dept.

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