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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.432]

96-Channel Tunable Laser Modules


With the recent increase in data traffic, optical communication networks are required to transmit many signals simultaneously (DWDM*1) at a higher bit rate. To meet this requirement, the optical transmission device should comprise a coherent optical communication*2 module that can select the light of various wavelengths and transmit signals at a high rate.

Sumitomo Electric has recently commercialized an iTLA*3 by using the Company’s original tunable laser technology, and has started to mass-produce the new product, to be known as “96-Channel Tunable Laser Module.” This new product can select the light of 96 wavelengths and enables coherent optical communication at a rate of 100 Gbps or more.

With this iTLA technology as a base, the Company will commercialize a next-generation small-size tunable light source (Micro-iTLA) in 2014.

*1 Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM):
A method for using an optical fiber to simultaneously transmit multiple optical signals of different wavelengths.
*2 Coherent optical communication:
A method for transmitting optical signals by using their characteristics as waves instead of their intensity. The light source is required to have a narrow spectral linewidth characteristic.
*3 Integrable tunable laser assembly (iTLA):
Integrable Tunable Laser Assembly


Transmission Devices Division

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