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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2013

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.425]

Release of Chip Breaker SI Type - Precision Grade, Positive Tip for Cutting Medical/Precision Components

Sumitomo Electric has released a precision grade, positive chip breaker, “Chip Breaker SI Type” for medical/precision component cutting applications. The new chip breaker exhibits superior cutting quality and chip treatability even in the condition where the cutting depth is changed in a micro-cutting zone.

Feature 1: Available in wide cutting depth range

Owing to its shallow and narrow body configuration with a wave-shaped edge, this breaker treats chips stably over a wide range of cutting depth from 0.1 mm (for finishing) to around 3 mm (for semi-finishing). This breaker is particularly suitable for profile-machining of precision parts with a bar feeder machine for which the cutting depth must be varied largely.

Feature 2: Superior cutting performance for finishing difficult-to-cut materials

Superior cutting performance is ensured by employing the sharp edge breaker design for a precision grade positive tip. Therefore, this chip breaker is also useful for cutting titanium alloys and other difficult-to-cut materials that are usually used for producing medical components.

Feature 3: Minus tolerance for nose roundness

Owing to its nose having a minus roundness tolerance, this breaker can also be used for cutting workpieces whose roundness dimensions are specified.


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