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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.423]

Sumitomo Electric Receives Award for its Excellent Products at the Fiscal 2012 Kinki Block Invention Commendation Ceremony

At the Fiscal 2012 Kinki Block Invention Commendation Ceremony held by the Hatsumei Kyokai, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. received the “Invention Incentive Award of the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (Hatsumei Kyokai)” for its aluminum electric wires for automotive wiring harnesses. The award was established to recognize newly invented, excellent products that have greatly contributed to the progress of science and technology as well as the promotion of industries in Japan.

Now that the improvement of fuel efficiency is required for automobiles, we have been striving to apply aluminum electric wires to automotive wiring harnesses, some of which weigh as much as 20 kg per unit. As a result of our earnest efforts, we have successfully developed lightweight wiring harnesses using thin aluminum wires with a twisted wire structure. This has resulted in our receiving the award.

Sumitomo Electric will continue to develop unique, excellent products and thus contribute to the creation of a better society.


Electronics & Materials R & D Labs., Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.,
Sumitomo Electric Toyama Co., Ltd., AutoNetworks Technologies, Ltd.

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