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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.418]

Wins 2011 Progress in Technology Award

Sumitomo Electric received the 2011 Progress in Technology Award from the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy for developing a dust core incorporated in a choke coil(*1), thereby improving the efficiency and reducing the size of power converters used in hybrid electric vehicles and solar power systems.

The granting of this award reflected the Society’s high evaluation of Sumitomo Electric’s achievements in developing a dust core material via the Company’s proprietary material composition and densification process. The material reduces conversion loss by half, as compared with similar conventional materials. Producing the material in an electromagnetic design that makes the most of the material’s properties yields a volume reduction of up to 50% compared with conventional ferrite core choke coils.

Sumitomo Electric has already mass-produced dust cores for diesel fuel injection solenoid valves, and is working to commercialize dust core reactors(*2) for hybrid electric vehicles and the award-winning choke coil.

Sumitomo Electric will promote product development for environment-conscious cars and items in the new energy sector expected to grow continuously in the future. Incidentally, the award-winning development was partly supported by a 2009 Grant for Practical Application of Industrial Technology of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).



Dust core for choke coils (ER core shape)


*1 Choke coil
A coil used for removing pulses and noise from high-frequency currents. Most power systems incorporate a choke coil.
*2 Dust core reactor
In hybrid electric vehicles, the dust core reactor is installed inside the step-up converter located between the battery and the inverter. It transforms the voltage by alternately storing and discharging energy.


Advanced Materials R&D Labs, Powder Metal Products Div. and
Sumitomo Electric Sintered Alloy, Ltd.

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