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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.413]

Affiliate Company of the Month: Sumiden Fine Conductors Co., Ltd.

Sumiden Fine Conductors Co., Ltd. was established in July 1952 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric, under the original trade name Himejima Dosen K.K., to manufacture and sell rectangular wire for winding, bare copper wire, etc. In July 1965, the company opened the Neyagawa Plant and started production of plated wire and cut wire. After that, the Maebashi Plant was opened in November 1984, when the company changed its name to the current Sumiden Fine Conductors Co., Ltd. Since then, the company has continued to offer indispensable parts for electronic products.

Aiming to become a global top niche company!!

Sumiden Fine Conductors has supported a wide range of industries and has contributed to society with its product line, which includes electronic components, bulbs and lighting equipment, and cell phones that are closely related to our living environment, as well as lead wire used as a sealing material of wedge bulbs for automobiles, nickel (Ni) alloy wire for automobile spark plugs, and super fine wire for iPads. The company also makes cut wires, which are an indispensable part for an electrical discharge machine of die-making systems. In particular, Sumiden Fine Conductors boasts a 25 percent market share for Ni-alloy wire for automobile spark plugs, making it the top share company. Under the corporate slogan "global top niche company," Sumiden Fine Conductor continues to strive to achieve this goal on a daily basis, focusing on "unique technologies."

Adhesive for glass diode


Car plug material


MEMS probe


Sealing material of car wedge bulbs


Lead wire for electronic parts

■Workplace Atmosphere

Our "work hard, play hard" culture creates a lively workplace

To accommodate rapid changes in the market in recent years, we keep ourselves busy at work and the workplace is full of vigor. We are located close to the Electronics & Materials R & D Labs of Sumitomo Electric, which gives us an advantageous geographical environment in promoting joint development of new technologies with Sumitomo Electric.

Our Himejima Plant stands beside the Yodo River (Yodo-gawa). It is an excellent site for cherry blossom viewing in spring and commands a panoramic view of the fireworks display of the Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival in summer. For such occasions, we hold recreational activities periodically to facilitate interactions outside of work, as well. We place special importance on good communications among the employees.

Clerical work seminar

Future Developments

In recent years, the electronics industry has been particularly affected by increasing low-cost competition, while it seems that the sharp appreciation of the yen will continue. To overcome the harsh business environment, we have been promoting the strengthening of linkages in all aspects related to manufacturing and sales with some of the overseas Sumitomo Electric Group companies, including Sumi-Pac Corporation in Taiwan, Suzhou Sumiden Electric Materials Co., Ltd. in China, and Sumiden Electronic Materials(M)Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. At the same time, in the development of new products and technologies, we continue to promote joint development with Sumitomo Electric, focusing on the establishment of technologies to make micro connecting parts.

Moreover, while expanding our expertise to deliver niche business solutions, we further promote the sales of silver paste for capacitor laser diodes, ink used as a wiring material for electronic paper, anisotropic condactive film (ACF) as a connection material for FPC, and probes for semiconductor testing, so as to respond to the market that evolves every day. We strive to contribute to the further development of society through our business activities.

Company Profile

Established July 1952
Representative Masao Sakuta, President
Capital 160 million yen
Employees 160
Business bases Neyagawa and Himejima, Osaka; and Maebashi, Gunma

Himejima Plant, Osaka

Maebashi Plant, Gunma

Neyagawa Plant, Osaka

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