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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.411]

Technical Achievement Prize from Japan Cemented Carbide Tool Manufacturers' Association

The development of steel turning cermet T1500A and hardened steel machining sintered CBN BN2000 received a Technical Achievement Prize from the Japan Cemented Carbide Tool Manufacturers' Association.

While having comparable or better hardness and wear resistance properties than cemented carbide, cermet is known for its lower use of the rare resource tungsten and contributes to tungsten saving. In finish cutting of automotive and industrial machinery steel parts, T1500A reduces machining costs by allowing the integration of rough and finish cutting processes. Furthermore, combined with an interrupted-cutting or other existing cermet grade, T1500A can be used to finish-turn steel for various applications.

BN2000, on the other hand, uses a successfully developed high-purity ceramic binder to provide a tool life approximately twice as long as our conventional grades. Since it is a non-coated grade, BN2000 can be readily used with custom cutting tools other than ISO-compliant inserts. The BN2000 grade facilitates change from grinding to dry cutting in small-diameter machining and grooving processes, thereby reducing the use of grinding fluid and machining time. The Prize recognized these features.

We will continue to provide our customers with products that work in various areas.


Indexable T1500A inserts

Indexable BN2000 inserts

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