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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.410]

CHAdeMO-Compliant Quick Charger Connector for EV Applications SEVD-01

Launch of Quick Charger Connector for EV Applications SEVD-01


Growing public attention to EVs as a solution for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring energy security has spurred the installation of quick chargers across Japan and around the world.

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has recently launched the quick EV charger connector compliant with the CHAdeMO*1 specifications. Comprising a lightweight aluminum alloy body and easy-to-bend tough rubber sheathed cable, this connector provides excellent operability. In addition, the connector's design matches the cutting-edge nature of electric cars.

Equipped with our proprietary mechanism, the SEVD-01 ensures a high level of safety required for rapid chargers that transmit a considerably higher level of electric energy than general home appliances. When the connector is being inserted into, or removed from an electricity inlet, a micro switch interlocked with a latch goes off and the signal circuit in the charger opens. Consequently, during connector fitting or removal, the charger is kept from supplying current or the charge current is suspended, thereby avoiding accidental removal of a live connector from an electricity inlet. The SEVD-01 also incorporates other measures for ensuring improved safety developed through step-by-step profiling*2, FMEA*3 and other analyses of possible EV incidents occurring during handling of the connector.
This SEVD-01 will be certified by UL and CE by the spring of 2012.

*1. CHAdeMO: The trade name for a quick charging method that the CHAdeMO Association is proposing globally as an industry standard. The Association comprises TEPCO, automobile makers, charger manufacturers, some administrative agencies and other related entities.

*2. Step-by-Step Profiling: A technique for predicting every conceivable human behavior step by step for devising measures against possible hazardous conditions resulting from such behavior.

*3. FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis): A procedure for systematic analysis and prevention of potential failures and defects.

■ Micro switch-based safety mechanism
Connection Micro switch state Charge-related signal circuit
Fitting complete ON CLOSE
Midway through fitting OFF OPEN

■ Fitting SEVD-01 to electricity inlet on vehicle

Fitting SEVD-01 to electricity inlet on vehicle

■ Removal procedure
1. Make certain that LED light is off (charging has been completed).
2. Push slide switch forward and withdraw plug.


SEVD-01 fits all electric cars currently on the market.


Electric Wire & Cable, Energy Business Unit

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