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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.410]

Affiliated Company of the Month: Kiyohara Sumiden, Ltd.

Kiyohara Sumiden, Ltd. was established in November 1996 in Kiyohara Industrial Park situated by the clear Kinugawa River in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture. The company manufactures optical fibers, the main products of Sumitomo Electric Group's infocommunications & systems business. On the basis of manufacturing technologies developed in the 1970s and further developed over the next 20 years by Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., Kiyohara Sumiden aims to become the world's best optical fiber manufacturer, with the personnel working hard as one under the leadership of President Shigeki Endo, who starts each day with the greeting to the company, "Go-anzen-ni (safety to you all)!"

World's Largest Optical Fiber Production Center

As broadband communication rapidly spreads around the world to accommodate the ever-increasing volume of information exchange following the appearance of FTTH and smartphones, optical fiber plays an extremely important role as the best available material for communication circuits for its stability and high transmission speeds. As a manufacturer of optical fiber, which is made of quartz glass, we must guarantee the highest purity level of our products to enable high-speed transmission of optical signals. At the same time, we are in a fierce cost competition against major manufacturers around the world. In such a situation, we have succeeded in steadily expanding our business by repeatedly improving the optical fiber-manufacturing technology developed by Sumitomo Electric (vapor axial deposition, or VAD, process) to the world's highest level. Our advanced technological prowess as demonstrated in our quality control (QC) activities focusing on quality assurance covering all the processes undertaken at our facilities has been officially recognized by Sumitomo Electric, which honored us with the QC Activity Award for two consecutive years in 2010 and 2011.

Kiyohara Sumiden also has strong on-site abilities that are nurtured and solidified by the company's unique training system in which we take pride. These abilities, harnessed mainly through group kaizen (improvement) activities, have made great achievements. As a result, we always rank high in G-katsu (group improvement activity) competitions held each year in Yokohama within the Business Unit or among Group manufacturing establishments.

Our high-level technological expertise and on-site abilities have enabled us to continuously expand our business. In fact, following last year's capital investment, we have become the world's largest optical fiber production center.



Vapor axial deposition (VAD) process

■Workplace Atmosphere

Workplace blessed by Nature and anchored in the local community


Our company is located in green Tochigi Prefecture, where we can fully enjoy Nature in our daily lives. We never run short of outdoor activities: golfing, mountain-climbing and fishing in summer and skiing in winter. We also have company teams that compete in soccer, baseball, tennis, and golf, and actively participate in Industrial Park-wide competitions and other local events. Since we are able to completely unwind outside work hours through these activities, we work very efficiently, and our workplace atmosphere is naturally cheerful and energetic. The company also contributes to maintaining this positive workplace atmosphere by organizing informal get-togethers and bowling competitions, in which our president and many employees take part.

Baseball team


Soccer team

Future Developments

Last year, the Optical Fiber & Cable Division of Sumitomo Electric and Futong Group Co., Ltd., a major optical fiber cable manufacturer in China, jointly established Hangzhou SEI-Futong Optical Fiber Co., Ltd. (abbreviated "SFF") to manufacture optical fiber. SFF uses the most advanced technology in the field, developed by Kiyohara Sumiden. Operator training and equipment installation for the joint venture were mainly conducted by our company as the JV's mother facility. As a member of the Sumitomo Electric Group, we intend to work hand in hand with the Optical Fiber & Cable Division and SFF in order to offer quality optical fibers to the whole world and lead the industry.

Ceremony marking the completion of training at SFF

Company Profile

Kiyohara Sumiden, Ltd.

Established November 1996
Representative Shigeki Endo, President
Capital 2 billion yen
Employees 300
Business base Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture

Our building and equipment were seriously damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake. However, we have safely restored them to pre-disaster conditions through full recovery efforts that began the day after the disaster. We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to the many who have provided us with generous support and encouragement.

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