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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.408]

Promotion of Global Personnel-related Measures

Sumitomo Electric Group's business activities are continuously becoming more diverse?in technologies, markets, geographical locations, and more?involving over 180,000 employees in more than 30 countries around the world. We believe that for the Sumitomo Electric Group to further develop globally and continue making significant contributions to society, it is essential that we fully mobilize the Group’s technologies, products, business models and all other resources, and acknowledge that it is human resources that make possible all our endeavors.

Establishment of the Global Human Resource Management Policy

We have established the Global Human Resource Management Policy ("Global HRM Policy") as the common basic policy to be applied worldwide within the Group regarding human resource development, thereby offering greater career opportunities, promoting diversity, and fostering future global leaders so as to accelerate our global human resource recruitment, promotion and development.

Sumitomo Electric Group Global Human Resource Management Policy

We provide workplaces where all the employees can work actively, grow both personally and professionally through work, achieve self-actualization, and contribute to the society.

We offer various career opportunities and pursue globally “right person in the right position” regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, age, or gender.

We value and promote diversity in the workplace in order to enhance the creativity of the organization and to sustain the growth of the business.

We develop global leaders who lead and give energy to our global business. Global leaders are those who understand and share the Sumitomo Spirits and the Corporate Principles and can lead highly diversified teams.


Global HRM Policy and Human Resource Management Cycle

We are establishing operational guidelines, international transfer/relocation guidelines and the like to ensure implementation of concrete measures in accordance with the Global HRM Policy. We are also holding regular human resource meetings within each Business Unit and in their respective areas to put into motion a mechanism that will enable discussions on human resources and organizational issues.

Global HRM Policy and Human Resource Management Cycle
■Inviting executives of overseas Group companies to training programs in Japan

Conventionally, we have conducted business mainly with Japanese companies. In line with business globalization, however, we have increasing opportunities to transact with non-Japanese companies and local companies in overseas countries, requiring us in the future to conduct operations based more on local markets. In light of this, in 2007 the Company launched the Global Manager Development Program in Japan (GMJ), to educate personnel with leadership potential who were locally employed by overseas Group companies. In 2010, the GMJ was renamed the "Global Leadership Program (GLP)," in which Japanese administrative manager candidates also participated, in order to strengthen Japanese members’ capabilities to cope with globalization.

In the GLP, participants discuss in English the theme of the Group’s management, and learn the Sumitomo Electric Group Corporate Principles and ideal state of management. Moreover, the GLP helps participants increase their motivation and loyalty to the Sumitomo Electric Group, since they can talk directly with the Company president and top management, and can develop personal contacts across regions, all of which will be helpful in their future career. We have also established an in-house SNS* so that GLP participants and Japanese administrative managers can enjoy mutual communications on the Web, even after the GLP. Through these efforts, we can promote global communication.


Social networking service
A community-based membership service to support people-to-people relations. Major examples include mixi, which has the largest membership in Japan, and Facebook, which has the largest membership abroad.

- mixi is a trademark or registered trademark of mixi, Inc.
- Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.

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