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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.407]

Grand Prix, "Semiconductor of the Year 2011"

Sumitomo Electric's 6-inch GaN substrates for white LED applications received the Grand Prix in the category of electronic components for semiconductors in the "Semiconductor of the Year 2011" Award, organized by the trade paper Semiconductor Industry News.

Award ceremony


Award certificate

The Award was established in 1994 to commend semiconductor-related products and technologies that support the increasingly important advanced IT equipment and industry, so as to promote further development of the industry's technology and market. The category of electronic components for semiconductors was newly established this year, in the 17th year of the Award, and the commemorative first Grand Prix in this category was presented to our product.

GaN substrates

Featuring excellent thermal conductivity, rapid electric responsiveness and high breakdown voltage, the 6-inch GaN substrate for white LED application is a promising power device material that contributes to LED chip size reduction and output power increase, thanks to better thermal dispersion.

Sumitomo Electric plans on establishing technology to mass-produce GaN substrates and accelerate their use for white LEDs and power devices.


Compound Semiconductor Materials Div.

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