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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.405]

Affiliated Company of the Month: AutoNetworks Technologies, Ltd.

AutoNetworks Technologies, Ltd. was established in 1995 as the world's only R&D company specializing in automotive wiring harness systems. Drawing on its superb technological expertise, the company supports Sumitomo Electric Group's wiring harness system business in collaboration with Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. and Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. AutoNetworks Technologies strives to realize innovative new technologies for power and information system networking and control as part of the automotive infrastructure.

Offering next-generation value-added technologies

Wiring harnesses in an automobile are like nerves and blood vessels in a human body; they play the vital role of transmitting information and energy. The total weight of wiring harnesses in one vehicle amounts to several tens of kilos; researchers are constantly trying to reduce their size and weight so as to enhance automobile fuel efficiency.

Aluminum wiring harness development project members (from Sumitomo Wiring Systems and AutoNetworks Technologies)

At AutoNetworks Technologies we have succeeded in reducing size and weight in several ways. We have made electric wires thinner in diameter, and connectors smaller. We have also developed new wiring harnesses using aluminum, whose specific gravity is lower than that of copper. The aluminum wiring harnesses are already used in some mass-produced automobiles. We continue working to expand the applicability of the aluminum wiring harnesses.

We are also developing hardware, software and materials for next-generation wiring harness systems: under-floor pipe-shielded wiring harnesses and connecting technologies for use in hybrid electric vehicles, semiconductor devices and power boxes that realize lower power consumption, and optical and metal on-board LANs enabling high-volume data transmission.


As a foundation that supports the above-mentioned specific technologies, we also perform CAE* analysis and develop assessment technologies. Collaborating with other Sumitomo Electric Group companies and fully utilizing our overall skills and expertise, we are committed to contributing to the Group's wiring harness system business through our R&D activities.

*CAE(computer-aided engineering):
computer system that supports the design and development of industrial products

Workplace Atmosphere

PE Forum

We are a company of enthusiasts filled with dreams, strong will and passion.

The entire company is focused on R&D relating to new products and technologies, so as to contribute to Sumitomo Electric Group's automotive business, one of the core business activities of the Group. We hold "PE Forums (PE stands for Professional Engineers/Professional Education)," mostly led by our younger members to report on R&D achievements, motivate ourselves to be the world's No. 1, and raise our consciousness as professionals in automotive technology. We are working toward our dreams, with strong will and passion.

Future Development

The wiring harness business is currently under the influence of various changes: market expansion for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles; greater demand for energy conservation, weight reduction and other environmental considerations; technological responses to the spread of information systems linking the automobile with the external environment; and global market expansion characterized by great demand for compact cars in China, India and other newly emerging economies. We intend to develop new technologies in response to these changes.

Company Profile

AutoNetworks Technologies, Ltd.

Established 1995
Representative Kazuaki Chiba, President
Capital 80 million yen
Investment rate 60% by Sumitomo Electric and 40% by Sumitomo Wiring Systems
Business bases Mie (Yokkaichi and Suzuka), Osaka (Konohana) and Aichi (Nagoya)
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