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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.404]

Data Center Wiring Management/Temperature Monitoring System

Monitors Equipment Temperature in Conjunction with Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing System "OPTHERMO"


Wiring management and temperature monitor system suitable for data center

“OPTHERMO” is a fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing system* whose temperature sensor itself is optical fiber. Sumitomo Electric has modified OPTHERMO, developed a wiring management and temperature monitor system suitable for data center, and commenced sales.

OPTHERMO has been used to monitor power line surface and petroleum plant temperatures. Sumitomo Electric has changed the optical fiber jacket material in OPTHERMO sensor sections, rearranged the fiber installation method, and introduced additional control software features. The result is greater accuracy in temperature sensing over intervals of several meters.

Additionally, modified OPTHERMO has the capability to share and link data with Sumitomo Electric’s fiber-optic wiring monitoring system. This improved usability enables the operator to display temperature measurement results on a PC display using icons, and to retrieve temperature changes.

The system’s overall power consumption of 15 W (excluding control PC), is lower than that of a system using distributed electrical sensors. An additional advantage of the system is that the absence of electronic sensors enhances reliability and reduces maintenance.

Data center temperature monitoring needs are expected to grow at a rapid pace. In such applications, this system monitors temperatures with improved accuracy, thereby facilitating energy saving.


*1 Distributed Temperature Sensing System
During laser beam transmission via optical fiber, an extremely small portion of the incident laser beam is reflected in the optical fiber material and returns to the incident side. Reflected beams are classified into several groups with different characteristics, depending on differences in the physical phenomenon occurring at the instant of reflection. Among such beams is one whose reflection amount is affected by the reflection site temperature. By measuring this beam at the incident side, the temperature at the reflection site can be determined.

Point 1 No need to remove loosely wrapped tape

- Enables operator to view equipment conditions visually, quickly and accurately.

- Facilitates information updating at time of equipment change.

Point 2: Equipment temperature monitoring in conjunction with fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing system OPTHERMO

- Careful temperature management reduces energy consumption by air-conditioning equipment.

- Monitoring by a single optical fiber reduces installation and running costs.

J-Power Systems Corporation

- OPTHERMO is a trademark or registered trade name of J-Power Systems Corporation.


Lightwave Network Products Div.

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