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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.404]

Affiliated Company of the Month: STARNET Co., Ltd.

Twenty-five years ago, in April 1986, STARNET Co., Ltd. was born. Financed by several companies that had responded positively to Sumitomo Electric’s call for a shared network to reduce costs, over the years STARNET has modified its sphere of business activities according to changing times. Today the company offers the latest network systems to over 400 corporate customers, including the shareholder companies and their affiliated companies.

All-around network integrator

STARNET' s business activities cover the entire spectrum of information and telecommunications infrastructure: large area network, Internet, telephony, teleconferencing, local area network (LAN), server, security... To fulfill our customers' IT requirements, including their most demanding ones, our system enables us to provide integrated services (consultation, proposal, construction, operation and maintenance). We always try to build optimal systems from a neutral, customer-based standpoint. To do this, in executing projects we form alliances with other companies best suited for specific functions, and serve as coordinator or all-around network integrator, a single stop where customers can arrange the entire process, from adjustment of delivery schedule to post-installation follow-up. One of our recent projects, following relocation of the head office of a company with some 1,000 employees, involved constructing IP telephony, executive teleconferencing using the most advanced AV system, and other large-scale systems. We are happy to report that our fast delivery and top quality were greatly appreciated.

At a trade fair (Wireless Japan)


Meeting customers (technical liaison meeting)

Workplace Atmosphere

This is a great company, where everyone can freely express their opinions.

Since this year marks the company's 25th anniversary, we are organizing Niihama-Besshi Copper Mine Tours for all personnel to participate in by turns, thereby to renew our knowledge of Sumitomo’s origins and history. Some of our customers are also joining us in the tours; they seem to really enjoy not only the hike at Besshi Copper Mine but also the free activities on Day 2 (eating Sanuki noodles, fishing, etc.).

Working in the highly competitive IT industry, we feel the strain every day in the sales, system engineering and operation sections, but the overall workplace atmosphere is quite relaxed. In fact, we are like one big family, in that we can freely express our views to our superiors. Moreover, since a large part of our work is left to our own initiative, it is rewarding to work here.

Climbing at Besshi Copper Mine


Ocean fishing on Day 2

Future Development

It is becoming increasingly important for us to sift what is truly essential and useful from the vast flow of information in the IT industry, and make optimal proposals to our customers. To do this, we must not only accurately grasp the latest trends in network technologies, we must also cultivate good relationships with our customers, so as to truly understand their needs. By following the slogan "networks for connecting people and connecting businesses," we hope to continue providing quality networks to our customers.

Company Profile

Sumitomo Electric Tochigi Co., Ltd.

Established April 1986
Representative Tateaki Oohashi, President
Capital 480 million yen
Shareholders 19 companies, including Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Employees 109
Business bases Osaka, Tokyo, Itami
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