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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.403]

Optical Cable "EZremove-PLUS"

An optical cable that cuts core stripping time dramatically


The construction of a new FTTH*1 network using conventional SZ-slotted core optical cables*2 requires a cutting tool for cutting the loosely wrapped tape*3 and protective layer in mid-span access*4 work. In such work, special care must be taken not to damage the optical fiber ribbons. Moreover, the loosely wrapped tape and protective layer must be cut independently, which is time consuming.

Sumitomo Electric has developed the new optical cable "EZremove-PLUS," which eliminates the need to remove loosely wrapped tape, thereby cutting the time required for the mid-span access work.

Cable construction


Acronym for Fiber To The Home, this term refers to a communications service between a telecommunications company and individual subscribers’ homes.
*2 SZ-slotted core optical cable
An optical cable so constructed that the twisting direction of the spacer slots, in which optical fibers are housed, is reversed periodically. Since the fibers can be taken out of the cable without cutting the spacers, this cable is laid in areas where the optical fibers will need to be separated and branched in future.
*3 Loosely wrapped tape
A covering used in the SZ slotted core optical cable production process to prevent optical fiber ribbons from getting out of the slots. This covering becomes unnecessary upon optical cable completion.
*4 Mid-span access
Branching an optical fiber at an arbitrary midpoint of the optical cable to deliver FTTH service to a subscriber before service commencement. Optical cables are laid in advance in areas where FTTH service subscriptions are expected.

Point 1 No need to remove loosely wrapped tape

Loosely wrapped tape of special construction enables tape removal together with the protective layer, eliminating the need for a cutter in tape removal. The construction of this optical cable has already been patented in Japan.

Point 2 No cutter is required for removing protective layer

Since the protective layer is pre-cut at regular intervals, it can be removed manually without using a cutter. The construction of this optical cable has already been patented in Japan.

Point 3 Dramatically reduced mid-span access work time

Core removal time is cut by about 40% from that required for a general purpose SZ-slotted core optical cable. Time needed for fiber core separation at the cable end is also reduced.

• "EZremove" is a trademark or registered trademark of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Optical Fiber & Cable Div.

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