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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.403]

High-Strength Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer - "TYPE- 39HS"

Sheath holding system minimizes damage to fiber glass core


Sumitomo Electric's "TYPE-39HS" series optical fiber fusion splicer has been very popular among customers both inside and outside Japan, since it splices optical fibers with high core-alignment accuracy. As a high-end model of this series, Sumitomo Electric has newly developed the high-strength optical fiber fusion splicer "TYPE-39HS" and peripheral tools intended for use only with this splicer. Sumitomo Electric began supplying the new splicer to OCC Corporation in February this year. The new splicer is essential for producing submarine optical cables and other optical devices to be installed on the sea bed.

Many big projects are currently under way for laying large-capacity submarine optical cables that will support global communications networks. In these projects, the optical fibers used in optical products for marine submersion must be spliced with high strength reliability. The new splicer, TYPE-39HS, developed for use in factories, employs a sheath holding system that minimizes damage to the glass cores during optical fiber splicing. The new splicer is equipped with a cable reinforcing device, a proof tester that performs 1% screening, and a fiber carrier that transfers spliced optical fibers from fusing unit to reinforcing device, ensuring a series of reliable cable splicing processes from fusion splicing and proof testing to reinforcement, without requiring a large space.


Advantages of TYPE-39HS

Fiber holder

In a fusing apparatus, the fiber holder holds the optical fiber sheath and keeps the glass core end in position, without touching the core. Since the holder is driven horizontally together with the fusing apparatus clamp, the core end and opponent core end are kept aligned, even when thrust into the fusing apparatus, for reliable splicing.


The carrier transfers spliced optical fiber to proof tester located downstream of the fusion splicer, without fiber slackening or twisting.

Proof tester

The proof tester uses a load cell to control the tensile load applied to the fiber within a range of 7 to 13 N. Loading test results are displayed numerically on a screen, together with the sliced fiber conditions.

Jacket remover "JR-5HSR"

This desktop jacket remover is specially designed for the new fusion splicer. Consisting of a linear bearing, special purpose blade and high-performance stage, this jacket remover ensures high-performance spliced-fiber-joint reinforcement.

Cable reinforcing device and adaptable sleeve

The cable reinforcing device begins reinforcing the optical fiber cable immediately after proof testing. This device can adapt to small-diameter sleeves of 12 mm or more.


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