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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.400]

Highly Transparent Heat Shield Insulating Film for Windows: Refle-shine TU71

Highly transparent film for windows provides solar radiation shielding and heat insulation


The Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy was revised and took effect in fiscal 2010. Establishments, apartment houses and other large buildings are now implementing strengthened energy-saving measures. Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd. has begun marketing its Refle-shine TU71, which cuts energy consumption of and CO2 emissions from plants and buildings.

Refle-shine TU71, a lamination of multiple extremely thin nanometer-level layers with a plastic film, is designed as an environmentally friendly commodity for affixing to window panes. This epoch-making product is the industry’s first high-transparency film for windows, offering both solar radiation shielding and heat insulation. It inhibits room temperature increase due to sunlight and reduces heat loss to the exterior. These features are effective throughout the year in reducing air-conditioning energy usage and CO2 emissions. Other features of Refle-shine TU71 include its glass-like color tone and transparency, which set it apart from smoked or mirror-tinted films.

Specifications (typical values)
(Solar radiation shielding and heat-insulating grade TU71)
Daylighting Visible light transmittance 71%
Solar radiation shielding performance Solar radiation transmittance 39%
Solar radiation reflectance 35%
Shielding coefficient 0.49
Heat insulating property Heat transmission coefficient 4.4W/m2 · K
Design Visible light reflectance 7.9%
Color tone Achromatic
Reflection color a* -1
b* -1
Glass heat crack resistance and safety Solar radiation absorption 26%
Ultraviolet ray shielding Ultraviolet ray transmittance 0.5%
Safety Shatter resistance Breakage by impact Acceptable level
Breakage by interlayer displacement Acceptable level
Test method: JIS A 5759 1,524 mm wide × 30 m
(Packed in corrugated box)
Point 1. Daylighting, Solar Radiation Shielding and Heat Insulation

Refle-shine TU71 selectively transmits the visible range of sunlight and blocks 90% of near-infrared rays. It also reflects 70% of far-infrared rays emitted from indoor heat sources. These features offer the following advantages.

(1)Achieves both daylighting and solar radiation shielding at a level close to the theoretical limit. Refle-shine TU71 reduces power consumption by air conditioners and heat in areas beside windows*, without obstructing daylighting.

(2)Refle-shine TU71, the industry’s first highly transparent film with 70% or more visible light transmittance, achieves heat insulation of 4.4W/m2 · Kheat transmission coefficient. This reduces heating power requirement during cold seasons without degrading daylighting.

(3)Cuts air-conditioning power bills by 20% to 25%. (Performance depends on such factors as window orientation, type of building and geographic location).

Point 2. No Detriment to Exterior Design

Being achromatic and equivalent to transparent glass in terms of visible light reflection, the film does not interfere with the exterior design if applied to buildings characterized by heavy use of transparent glass windows. Refle-shine TU71 is ideal for daylighting-critical showrooms, office buildings, hospitals and schools.

Point 3. Ultraviolet Blocking and Insect Proofing

Refle-shine TU71 blocks more than 99% of incoming ultraviolet rays, preventing sunburn and damage to commodities and interior fittings. The film also helps keep insects away from lights at night.

Point 4. Increased Window Safety

When firmly affixed to the window, the film also provides increased safety, preventing the scatter of glass fragments after impact or earthquake.

Tokai Rubber Industries website

*Relief from heat in areas beside windows
Refle-shine TU71 reduces the discomfort of gradual warming caused by direct sunlight.

- Refle-shine is a trademark of Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.


New Business Research and Development Laboratories,
Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.

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