Sports promotion

November 22, 2016 4:00 PM

Participation in the Osaka Marathon as a Water Station Volunteer!

Hello! I am Fujima of the Public Relations Department.

October 30, the 6th Osaka Marathon was held with support from Sumitomo Electric, and I participated in the event as a volunteer. On the race day, I worked at a water station together with about 20 other volunteers from Sumitomo Electric Group. Being a big event with 30,000-some participants running through Osaka, we prepared many paper cups with drink in them to ensure that runners could get water smoothly. We also collected used paper cups on the road with rakes so they would not interfere with the runners.

I Participated in the Osaka Marathon as a Water Station Volunteer!
I Participated in the Osaka Marathon as a Water Station Volunteer!

While working, I personally felt that the most important role we volunteers could play was to root for the runners. I was at the 17 km water station, where many runners gradually started feeling tired. When I told them while smiling to "Keep it up!" it seemed like their tired faces lit up a little, and that they got a boost of energy and felt "Here I go again!" In addition, some runners encouraged us in return, saying "Thank you very much!" or "Thanks for volunteering!"

"Keep it up!" "Thank you!" --- although these were fleeting statements on the spot between strangers, it was a very warm moment when we shared our hearts. I'd like to participate again next year.
All the runners participating in the event, those who cheered them on, and all the volunteers, thank you for your hard work!

April 5, 2013 6:38 PM

Participated in the Osaka International Women’s Marathon as Volunteer Roadside Attendant!

Hello! I’m Fukuda of SEI Business Creates, Inc.

The Osaka International Women’s Marathon, which is loved as a herald of spring in Naniwa (Osaka), was held on January 27, 2013, Sunday. I participated in the event again this year as a volunteer roadside attendant. I began to join this activity with employees from Sumitomo Electric, and this year marked our 32nd participation.

This year’s race doubled as a trial for the IAAF World Championships in Athletics to be held in Moscow in August. In addition to a full marathon, in which 500 athletes competed, the 2013 Osaka Half Marathon was held, in which 5,000 runners participated.

Providing security

▲Providing security

I worked as a roadside attendant at the areas around the 12 km and 33 km marks, which both half and full marathon runners passed through. With approximately 30 volunteers, I spent about six hours in chilly weather conditions at a temperature of 4C˚, taking care of bicycle parking, guiding spectators, installing traffic signs, and doing other activities to ensure a smooth race operation.

While engaged in the volunteer activities, we, of course, never forgot to cheer on the runners! Seeing Noritaka Fujiyama, a member of Sumitomo Electric’s athletics club, running, we called out to him “Keep it up!” Obliging us, he performed well enough to come second place in the men’s division of the registration of the Japan Association of Athletics Federation.

I hear that approximately 3,000 persons participated in this year’s event as volunteers. As one of them, I believe that I was able to contribute in some small way to making the event even more exciting.

With other volunteer staff members

▲With other volunteer staff members

December 25, 2012 1:23 PM

Sumitomo Electric's Volleyball Club Contributing to the World

Hello, everyone! I'mYokota, a reporter from Sumitomo Electric's volleyball club.

I'm pleased to announce that Sumitomo Electric's volleyball club has donated 72 volleyballs to the Japan Volleyball Association and the Japan Volleyball Bank.

The Japan Volleyball Bank is engaged in gathering old volleyballs and other volleyball equipment and donating them to foreign organizations. By recycling as many damaged volleyballs as possible, rather than just disposing of them, the organization contributes to raising children's awareness of environmental preservation issues and developing their mindset of mottainai (a sense of regret concerning waste).

Donated volleyballs

▲Donated volleyballs

Our volleyball club has traditionally been using volleyballs very carefully. The official volleyball is changed every year, and we use former volleyballs for practice purposes. As a contribution to the Japan Volleyball Bank, however, we have decided to select volleyballs in relatively good condition from among our practice volleyballs and donate them.

As an expression of appreciation for the volleyballs that have supported our club for so many years, all the club players put them in a bag. We are sincerely pleased that the donated balls will be used somewhere in the world and they will help broaden the circle of people who love volleyball. Sumitomo Electric's volleyball club will continue to make concerted efforts to contribute to society through volleyball.

April 4, 2012 7:50 PM

Participated in the Junior Volleyball Class

Coaching with a smile

▲ Coaching with a smile

Hello! I’m Inobe, of the Hybrid Products Division, Sumitomo Electric.
I am also a member of the Osaka Works’ Volleyball Club.

Having been invited as an instructor by the Athletic Association of Shimizu Kita District, Fukui City, which is my hometown, I participated in the Junior Volleyball Class, which was held on February 19.

I was a little worried about how many young people in my hometown would come. But on that day, as many as 40 elementary and junior high school students gathered to take our lesson. I was touched.

Junior high school students and elementary school students practiced separately. In coaching junior high students, who already had a firm technical foundation in volleyball, we gained enthusiasm in coaching as they soaked up our advice. We were able to enjoy a mini game between the instructor team and junior high team, though there were moments when we on the instructor team got excited enough to forget that we were playing the match with junior high students, especially when our captain, Ishida, who had played fantastically as a receiver in ordinary games, beautifully blocked an attack from the student team.

Coaching on receiving

▲ Coaching on receiving

Children playing excitedly

▲ Children playing excitedly

Since it was the first time for many of the elementary school children to play volleyball, we made a drastic change in the initial schedule and started by making them get used to the ball. Osaka Works’ Volleyball Club has held a Class for mother’s volleyball teams in nearby communities, but this was the first experience for us to coach someone from scratch. This experience made us painfully aware of the efforts of those who coached us when we were amateurs.


The scheduled time quickly finished, leaving some coaching items unfinished, but if we were able to convey the joy of volleyball, then that was for me an achievement greater than anything.

It was also a fruitful and rewarding day for all of us instructors when we experienced the children’s innocent inquisitiveness and responded to their unexpected reactions and questions.

I would like to express my gratitude to the people of the Athletic Association of Shimizu, Kita District, Fukui City who held the volleyball class and invited me as an instructor, as well as the elementary and junior high school students who participated in the class. Thank you all very much.

We will continue our devotion to volleyball while conveying what is good about the sport. We look forward to your continued encouragement and support for Osaka Works’ Volleyball Club

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March 12, 2012 10:05 AM

Last athletics practice session of fiscal 2011 held for local junior high school students in Itami City

Hello! I am Takagi, of the Precision Wire Sales Department, Sumitomo (SEI) Steel Wire Corp.
Every year, Sumitomo Electric organizes monthly athletics practice sessions for junior high school students in Itami City for four months from November to February. Being a member of the company’s athletic club, I have participated in this program as a coach for the past two years. Each time I look forward to meeting junior high school students on the practice ground.

Everyone smiling during the practice

▲ Everyone smiling during the practice

On Saturday, February 18, we held the last athletics practice session for this fiscal year. Despite the cold mid-winter weather, approximately 100 students from Itami City took part in the event.

Members of the athletic club created a selection of training exercises for the students, and in the session sometimes ran and jumped with them - things that we are not accustomed to. Track and field is a sport difficult to teach. It is not easy to express each movement of the body in words. However, the participants attentively listened to what we said and did it the right away. To our delight, they said: “This is really interesting. We will try this at school, too.” Although we are inexperienced as coaches, we did our best to help them. Hearing these words, we felt our efforts were rewarded. In addition, we also learned from them by listening to their simple questions and frank comments typical of junior high school students and by observing their running styles.

At the end of each practice session, the participants, divided into several teams, run a relay race. Athletic club members also formed a team and took part in the race. Although we thoroughly enjoyed it, we ran so seriously that we forgot about the cold. The next time the members and students meet again, we could be competing against each other as athletes in a track and field event during the athletics season!

This athletics practice program also provides us with the opportunity to meet many local citizens. Sumitomo Electric athletic club members are very happy to be able to take part in these community service programs, in addition to participating in competitions as athletes.
Our athletics practice program of fiscal 2011 ended in success. I look forward to communicating with local people in similar activities in the next fiscal year.

Students and club members jogging together

▲ Students and club members jogging together

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February 23, 2012 3:45 PM

Volunteering at the Osaka International Women’s Marathon

During security duty

▲ During security duty

Hello, I’m Fukuda, of SEI Business Creates, Inc.
I serve as a volunteer roadside attendant for the Osaka International Women’s Marathon held every January. I join this activity with over 20 employees from my company, and this year marked our 31st participation.

This year’s race attracted extra attention as a pre-Olympic trial, and some 400 athletes competed in the race through the streets of Osaka City. In chilly weather conditions, we spent six hours providing security, guiding supporters and assisting with traffic control and other activities to ensure trouble-free competition among the athletes.

Sometimes strong winds blew roadside planters or signboards onto the course, and occasionally spectators’ hands almost touched an athlete (which could disqualify the athlete if she were actually touched). As roadside attendants we were required to respond carefully to every situation, and we all did our very best.

Cheering on the runners during security duty is another important role of attendants. The athletes nodded appreciatively as we called to them, “Keep it up!” They all looked very beautiful, striving toward their goal of completing the race.

We have only this one chance per year, through volunteering, to meet some of our fellow company members in person. Every year we part by saying, “Thanks for the great job! Take care, and see you again next year!” I hope I can take part in this activity again next year, as well as the year after next and for many more years to come, so that I can be among those happy faces seeing each other again in good health.

Group photo of all members

▲ Group photo of all members

June 23, 2011 1:45 PM

Mothers’ Volleyball Class

I’m Miyake, General Manager of Osaka Works Volleyball Club. Thank you for your continued interest in and support for our club.

On May 21, Osaka Works Volleyball Club held a Mothers’ Volleyball Class by inviting 30 members from PTA volleyball clubs in nearby communities. This year’s class marked the fourth time our club has organized this event.


Our club members coached the participants and gave hands-on training on passing, spiking and other volleyball techniques based on their skills developed through daily practice. At the end of the class, a practice game was held, where both mothers and club members played with enthusiasm.

All the participants were enthusiastic and seemed to really enjoy the class. The event was extremely meaningful for the volleyball club members, too.

We hope to continue an event like this in the future, and look forward to seeing residents in the neighborhood of Osaka Works again next year. Bring your friends and come play volleyball with us!


May 16, 2011 9:40 AM

Kumatori Road Race

imageHello, everyone. I’m Saiki, of Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer, Inc.

On March 6 this year, the 21st Kumatori Road Race was held in Kumatori Town, Osaka Prefecture. Three courses of different distances were offered: 3 km (for families/junior high school students), 5 km and 10 km. This road race uses the Osaka University of Heath and Sport Sciences track as the starting/finishing point. Participants run the hilly running courses, taking on their individual challenges. Though not large in scale, the Kumatori Road Race has taken root in the Sennan district as a popular event heralding the arrival of spring.

This year’s race featured Mr. Kenji Moriwaki, entertainer, as a guest runner. Following an amusing introduction, participants started the race in a friendly mood. The weather forecast had predicted rain for the day of the event, but as it turned out the day was fine, ideal for running. Immediately after the closing ceremony, however, the sky suddenly turned dark and a few drops of rain began to fall.

I’m sure that many participants greatly enjoyed the race. They ranged from serious runners and athletics club members, who aimed at better times and ranks, to couples from northern Osaka, three-generation family groups and elderly runners cheered on by their grandchildren, to “cosplaying” (dressing up and pretending to be a fictional character) lads who somehow recorded good finishing times.


Each year thus far, about 10 employees of Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer have participated as volunteers in managing the race. This year, many young employees living in the company dormitory joined us.

We were in charge of issuing completion certificates to all who finished the race. It was very hectic, though, especially when several runners over different distances finished at the same time. The area near the finish line was in constant confusion: some participants nearly left for home without receiving their completion certificates, others got in the wrong line, and others clustered together with their friends and families, making it difficult for us to issue the right certificates to the right finishers.

Nevertheless, it was very heartwarming to hear participants, after finishing the race, speaking so happily with their families and friends about their races and finishing times, or to see parents praising their children’s efforts in the race. As a member of this community I will continue to be involved in the Kumatori Road Race, which brings happiness to so many.


Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer, Inc.
Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer, Inc. (Kumatori-cho, Sennan-gun, Osaka) was spun off from Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. in July, 1999. The company’s two major business domains handle irradiated products, represented by Sumitube™ and Irrax™ tube, and polymeric products such as Sumiflon™ and Poreflon™. Using its unique technology, the company contributes to a wide range of industries, including automobiles, information and communications, home electronics and infrastructure.


May 16, 2011 9:30 AM

Summary of athletics practice in 2010

Hello, I’m Kondo, of the HR & Administration Group, Itami Works of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
To contribute to regional sports promotion, Itami Works held a total of four monthly sessions of athletic practice for local junior high school students between November last year and February this year.

The athletic practice is organized by the Itami City Athletics Association and supported by the Itami City Board of Education. Sumitomo Electric has cosponsored the practices for three years. Designed for boy and girl track-and-field athletes (particularly sprinters) from six junior high schools in Itami City, the practice was held at Sumitomo Multipurpose Sports Field, located near Itami Works. Members of our company’s athletics club coached the participants. The enthusiastic coaching from our club members was well received, not only by participating students, but also by junior high school teachers. The first session of the athletics practice was highlighted by the participation of Mr. Koji Ito, our athletics club advisor, who is the current Japanese record holder in the 100-m sprint and an associate professor at Konan University. Despite his busy schedule, he joined the event; his presence greatly inspired junior high school students in their practice.

All four sessions of the 2010 athletics practice were blessed with good weather, with over 400 junior high school students participating in total. Under the instruction of Sumitomo Electric athletics club members, students practiced hard. We were invigorated by their honest attitudes and untiring efforts.

At the 37th National Junior High School Athletics Championships in August last year, a woman student at Aramaki Junior High School, who had participated in our 2009 athletics practice, won national first place in the 100-meter race. Hoping that our athletic practice will continue to help participants become Japan’s top-level athletes, I am proud to report that our athletics practice of 2010 ended in success.