January 10, 2014 10:14 AM

Our Volunteer Staff Making a Social Contribution – Renovating an Elementary School in Thailand

I’m Yunoki of Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (Thailand) Co., Ltd (SEST).

In 2011, as part as our CSR activities, we recruited our employees to volunteer at Ban mab pai school (public elementary school), which is approximately 40 minutes from our office. Some of our employees had graduated from this elementary school.

Unfortunately, last year, we could not carry out volunteer activities for the elementary school due to schedule conflicts. This year, however, with the cooperation of approximately 60 volunteers from SEST, including members from our maintenance and IT sections, we repaired computers, light fittings and electric fans, and donated picture books. In addition, we repainted playground equipment and cleaned the school yard with the children from the elementary school.

Afterwards, we served the children some snacks, such as omusubi (rice balls), deep-fried chicken, and French fries. We all had a great time together.

At the end of the volunteer activities, the children chanted “Study hard, respect our parents and teachers, and stay away from drugs,” which is the phrase that all the children at the school chant before leaving school every day. These innocent children reminded us of our own childhood, making us feel purified inside. Although the teachers expressed their great appreciation to us, we feel that we ourselves were able to learn a lot from the volunteer activities. We will do our best so that we can continue these activities.

Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Established in 1996 as a manufacturing and sales company for sintered components, Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is an affiliated company belonging to the sintered parts group of the Sumitomo Electric Group. The company will celebrate its 17th anniversary this year. Having overcome various difficulties, such as the Asian currency crisis that hit the company immediately after it began operations, the economic confusion triggered by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008, and the Thai flooding in 2011, the company continues expanding its sales. Currently employing more than 600 staff members, the company has grown into a major production base with one of the largest plants of all the factories that the sintered parts group has outside Japan.

May 16, 2013 1:57 PM

Award ceremony of the 10th New “A Brief Message from the Heart” Letter Contest

Hello! I am Matsumura from the Public Relations Dept. of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., Japan.

On Sunday, April 21, the award ceremony of the 10th New “A Brief Message from the Heart” Letter Contest was held at the Maruoka Gymnasium in Maruoka-cho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture. A total of 63,745 entries were received for this year’s contest, whose theme was “Arigato (Thank You).” The ceremony was attended by contestants who won Honorable Mention or higher award. Since 1994, the Sumitomo Group has supported this contest and its former “A Brief Message from the Heart” Letter Contest, hosted by the Maruoka Cultural Foundation, due to its connection with Maruoka-cho. Masatomo Sumitomo, the founding father of the Sumitomo family, was born in Maruoka, in Echizen Province (now Maruoka-cho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture). I attended the award ceremony on behalf of Sumitomo Electric, a member of the Sumitomo Group.

Prizes were awarded to a total of 218 entries. At the ceremony, some prize-winning works, including five works that won a Grand Prize, were read aloud by students from Maruoka Junior High School in Sakai City. When each work was read aloud, I was moved by its own unique message of thanks. The ceremony was very impressive.

At the end of the ceremony, all attendees enjoyed singing together the song Arigato (Thank You), written by poet Mikiro Sasaki and composed by singer-songwriter Hitoshi Komuro, who were on the award selection committee.

Award Ceremony

▲Award Ceremony

This contest has now reached a 20-year milestone since the former “A Brief Message from the Heart” Letter Contest has begun. The theme for next year’s contest is “Wasurenai (Never Forget).” Entries are being received now. Why not enter the contest! For entry information, please visit: http://maruoka-fumi.jp/ippitsu.html (in Japanese)

December 17, 2012 7:06 PM

We have received two foreign students for internship!

“Selamat pagi”
With these greetings, the morning begins.

I’m sorry for not introducing myself sooner. I’m Higuchi from Recruitment Group, Human Resources Department, HR & Administration Division.

I’m sure that many of you have often heard of internship programs. Put simply, they give students the opportunity to gain work experience. As part of our social contributions, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has for many years offered placements to more than 10 students every year mainly in our research-related groups. On top of that, we have now decided to provide internship opportunities for foreign students too. This year, we received two foreign students in the Human Resources Dept. - one from Indonesia and the other from Pakistan.

Internship students

▲Internship students

The internship program was held for two weeks from August 27, on the theme of preparing PowerPoint documents to help job-hunting students understand our broad range of business activities. The program began with an overview of our company, followed by vigorous efforts to collect the necessary information, including conversations on the situation in each of our businesses, visits to our plants, interviews with our foreign staff, and a look at our training system. Meanwhile, as the host organization, we were also quite busy preparing for the program, partly because we were not used to receiving foreign students. We needed to ensure that pork-free dishes were available for lunch at our cafeteria. We also needed to make arrangements at short notice to ensure that alcohol would not be served at the get-together. Although they were regarded as adults in their own countries, they were regarded as minors in Japan. Moreover, although people say that globalization is in progress, there are few opportunities in Japan to use English on a daily basis. We were able to learn a lot by communicating with the two students, who were better at English than at Japanese.

They used the PowerPoint documents that they made in accordance with the theme to give their presentation. They performed magnificently; firstly their presentation skills were superb and attracted the audience strongly, and secondly their design was excellent. I later found that both of them had attended lectures on design and presentation at their universities. This served as the base for their outstanding presentation.

This noteworthy internship program ended after two weeks. The two students commented that although the program was very useful and helped them improve their Japanese proficiency, they were sorry that the period was so short. I sincerely hope that they will continue to grow and develop.

January 23, 2012 10:15 AM

The 12th TRI Charity Concert

Hello, I'm Tonari,and I work for the Corporate Citizenship Office at Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.(TRI)

Let me talk about the TRI Charity Concert today. This concert was first held in 2000 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of TRI's establishment. As part of our social contribution activities, each year we invite to the concert local residents who win tickets by lottery.

On Sunday, November 6, 2011, we held the 12th TRI Charity Concert at Komaki-shi Shimin Kaikan. Despite the rainy weather, the concert venue was almost full, with 1,120 guests. We again invited world-renowned maestro Kazuyoshi Akiyama as conductor, and violinist Yasuko Otani as soloist. She is one of the most famous violinists in Japan and often appears on TV. Since it was publicized that the concert program would include two great violin concertos, by Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky, performed by Ms.Otani, the concert attracted much attention; the lottery was highly competitive, with 3,500 applications.

The purpose of the charity concert this year was to support survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake. We made it clear that donations from guests would support the non-profit organization Ashinaga's fund-raising efforts to help children orphaned by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami; we placed a donation box at the concert hall entrance. Thanks to the generosity of many people, we were pleased to collect 400,000 yen, exceeding the previous year's amount.

The charity concert, which marked its 12th year this year, has become a pillar of TRI's community contribution activities. We will continue holding this event in the future.

TRI Charity Concert

▲ TRI Charity Concert

Donation box at entrance

▲ Donation box at entrance

Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.
Tokai Rubber (headquartered in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture), celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2009. The company supplies industry with rubber products utilizing its composite material technologies and advanced processing technologies, which include not only its core business of auto parts, but also precision parts for office equipment and other industrial materials. The company has expanded its production facilities to eight countries in four core regions of the world, where it aims to maintain uniform quality worldwide and achieve the world's top quality.

Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd. website: http://www.tokai.co.jp/english/

November 24, 2011 11:10 AM

CSR Report

Efforts introduced in this report

▲ Efforts introduced in this report

Hi! I'm Sakai, an administrator of this blog.

In October, Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. released the SWS CSR Report 2011(in English).

On October 6, the efforts of Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (Thailand) Ltd. were reported on this blog. In a special article in the CSR report titled "Feature For the Future, For the Earth,Thailand CSR-Activity," further details of these efforts are provided.

Sumitomo Electric Industries' CSR Report 2011 is available on the website of Sumitomo Electric Industries. In a special article in the CSR report titled "SEI CSR EYE," the main focus is placed on research and development. The article features the efforts of the NEXT Center, and explains the Micro Smart-Grid Demonstration System as concrete examples. Moreover, the report introduces the company's newly-established Global Human Resource Management Policy, and also this blog!! 

I would like to conclude by expressing my sincere sympathy for those affected by the heavy flooding in Thailand. I hope that the affected areas will recover as soon as possible.

October 6, 2011 3:40 PM

SEWT becomes first company to receive golden award in anti-drug campaign

สวัสดีค่ะ(Hello), I’m Nucharee.

▲ สวัสดีค่ะ(Hello), I’m Nucharee.

I’m Nucharee of Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (Thailand) Ltd. (SEWT).

Thailand is now in the rainy season (June to October); it is drizzling almost every day. In spite of such weather, we at SEWT in Thailand are working hard on a wide variety of social contribution activities. Today, I’d like to write about one of these efforts – our participation in TO BE NUMBER ONE, an anti-drug campaign.

TO BE NUMBER ONE, an anti-drug project led by Princess Ubolratana of the royal family, strives to promote cooperation among all Thai people to eradicate drugs. This campaign is so famous that everyone in Thailand knows about it. Not only SEWT but many other companies and organizations participate in the campaign.

Orientation session for new staff members

▲ Orientation session for new staff members

As part of the campaign, we at SEWT promote various efforts, including raising anti-drug awareness at the company, keeping young people away from drugs, and establishing an anti-drug network outside the company.

Specifically, to raise the anti-drug awareness at the company, we disseminate anti-drug messages via bulletin boards and in-house broadcasting, release pamphlets, and hold orientation sessions for new staff members. As a result of these activities, all of our new staff members have joined TO BE NUMBER ONE, and are now actively engaged in various efforts.

Moreover, in a bid to keep young people away from drugs, we tell them about the fear of drugs by inviting children of our staff members to the company or visiting our neighboring schools. In both cases, we demonstrate our ingenuities to ensure that, while at play they can learn about drugs in an easy-to-understand way.

Awarded trophy

▲ Awarded trophy

Furthermore, to establish an anti-drug network outside the company, we promote a wide range of activities. We visit other companies and invite them to participate in TO BE NUMBER ONE, and promote the campaign via radio. As a result, we have now been appointed by a government organization to support other companies and organizations. In addition, through CSR activities conducted outside the company, we aim to build a stronger sense of solidarity among our staff members.

As noted above, we have been actively promoting drug eradication efforts not only inside but also outside the company. Highly valued for such commitment, in 2011 SEWT became the first private company in the campaign’s 9-year history to receive the golden award. It was very honorable for all of us at SEWT to receive the trophy from the Princess. Our happiness was utterly beyond words.

Our commitment originated from the belief that we could do something for society even if we’re busy working for a company. We were truly pleased that we received the award. We’d now like to enhance the quality of our activities so we can receive the diamond award, which will be bestowed if we strengthen our activities for three consecutive years.

Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems(Thailand)Ltd.

Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems(Thailand)Ltd.
We manufacture automotive wiring harnesses and related products. Since our establishment in 1994, we have released products in 12 countries and regions, not only in Thailand, but also in Japan, the U.S. and Africa. We emphasize smooth communication, one example being a weekly lunch meeting held by our president. By offering opportunities for the president and employees to exchange opinions directly, we aim to make our working environment continuously better.

May 16, 2011 10:00 AM

The "Smile Relay" begins.

Hi, my name is Sakai, and I'm in charge of the Smile Relay of the Public Relations Department.

Upon commencement of the "Smile Relay," I would like to briefly introduce this blog.

The Sumitomo Electric Group is a large corporate enterprise with more than 300 consolidated subsidiaries in over 30 countries worldwide, mainly in Japan, Asia, the U.S. and Europe, employing more than 170,000 people. The Group not only provides outstanding products and services, but also respects the cultures and customs of each country and region in order to contribute to the local economy and society through socially harmonious corporate activities. In this blog, we hope to introduce scenes of smiling exchanges and communications born through corporate citizen activities conducted by Group employees all over the world.

If you would like to learn more about the Group's fundamental principles of social contribution, please visit http://global-sei.com/csr/sociality/contribution.html for more details.

... OK, enough with the formal talk :-)
I personally think that Sumitomo Electric tends to be invisible to the public eye, both in its products and its social contribution activities. As the person in charge, I would like this blog to give the company a face that the public can relate to!

Also, we have added Comments and Trackback functions to the blog to enable bilateral communication with our blog readers. We welcome and eagerly await your opinions and comments! :-)
Thank you for reading, and please look forward to additional exciting entries.

In starting this blog, I thought that posting only an introductory entry wouldn't do... So, below are recaps of some of our past activities. Please take a look! ;-)