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May 11, 2015 4:40 PM

Blood Donation at SEPM

Hello, everyone! I am Murgan of Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd (SEPM).

As in previous years, we opened a one-day blood donation room in our factory on March 18 this year. We are not sure the exact year of its establishment, but it has been active for more than 20 years.

The program had initiated itself when one of a government hospital staff members approached our First Aider Team members on the possibility of running a blood donation program. The team then had a meeting among the members and proceeded to organize a campaign. From there onward, the blood donation program was made a yearly affair and was included into the First Aider Yearly Activity Plan.

In 2010, the First Aider Team has come under the wings of the Safety Department, by which the activity was monitored and assisted. We always try our best to have this event annually, but due to unavoidable factors, at times the event could not be carried out.

▲ Many employees donated their blood.

▲ Donating blood "It's not painful...Ouch!"

This year, 113 employees registered themselves to donate blood. Out of these registered blood donors, 109 of them donated blood. The rest of them couldn't due to some medical reasons.

For the event, 7 staff members came from the hospital, and they were assisted by 9 SEPM employees. The blood donation started at 9:30 a.m. and ended at 5:00 p.m. A total of 86 bags of blood was collected. The event was a success. We will strive to help lots of people next year with support from many employees.

February 10, 2014 1:32 PM

Participation in the Tokamachi City Environmental Fair

Hello. I’m Kamimura of the management department of Chuetsu Sumidenso, Ltd. in Japan.

▲Pictures drawn by children whose fingers were stiff due to the cold weather

On Sunday, October 27, the annual Tokaimachi City Environmental Fair was held at Echigo-Tsumari Art Field in Kinar, an interaction facility at Echigo-Tsumari. We began to join in this event in 2008, making this year’s participation our sixth time.

Tokamachi City, home to our plants, strives to create environmentally-friendly communities. The Tokamachi City Environmental Fair is held annually to encourage people in the city to consider environmental problems, such as global warming, as issues they should be personally concerned about. This fair consists of booths set up by companies, a second-hand sales event hosted by a consumers’ association, a section providing the hands-on experience of making zori (Japanese sandals) out of used clothing, and other programs.

This year, unfortunately, it was chilly in the morning, with light rain and wind from around noon. Still, the event drew approximately 2,000 people, much more than last year. Among them, about 160 people visited our booth, which was more than double of last year!

This year, our booth comprised a panel discussion regarding our environmental efforts, including a section where visitors were able to make rockets using disposable covers for wet umbrellas, and a darts game using the rockets.

▲What number is he aiming at?

Children enjoyed themselves by trying out the darts game many times and drawing pictures on their rockets. (Since it was really chilly on the day of the event, the children’s fingers were so stiff from the cold that they seemed to have some difficulty drawing pictures!)

In addition to us, nine other organizations also set up booths at the event. The sections featuring the exhibition and sales of eco-friendly products, the demonstration of pellet stoves, and the hands-on experience of making flat thonged sandal made out of used clothing were crowded with visitors which made us feel that the environmental awareness among the citizens are increasing.

Since this event serves as a good opportunity for us to consider environmental problems, we would like to continue participating in the future.

▲Happy about winning a prize for participating


Chuetsu Sumidenso, Ltd

Chuetsu Sumidenso, Ltd.

Chuetsu Sumidenso, Ltd., a subsidiary of Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd., was established in 1987 as a manufacturer of wiring harnesses mounted as in-vehicle components. The company is headquartered in Ojiya, Niigata Prefecture.

January 10, 2014 10:14 AM

Our Volunteer Staff Making a Social Contribution – Renovating an Elementary School in Thailand

I’m Yunoki of Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (Thailand) Co., Ltd (SEST).

In 2011, as part as our CSR activities, we recruited our employees to volunteer at Ban mab pai school (public elementary school), which is approximately 40 minutes from our office. Some of our employees had graduated from this elementary school.

Unfortunately, last year, we could not carry out volunteer activities for the elementary school due to schedule conflicts. This year, however, with the cooperation of approximately 60 volunteers from SEST, including members from our maintenance and IT sections, we repaired computers, light fittings and electric fans, and donated picture books. In addition, we repainted playground equipment and cleaned the school yard with the children from the elementary school.

Afterwards, we served the children some snacks, such as omusubi (rice balls), deep-fried chicken, and French fries. We all had a great time together.

At the end of the volunteer activities, the children chanted “Study hard, respect our parents and teachers, and stay away from drugs,” which is the phrase that all the children at the school chant before leaving school every day. These innocent children reminded us of our own childhood, making us feel purified inside. Although the teachers expressed their great appreciation to us, we feel that we ourselves were able to learn a lot from the volunteer activities. We will do our best so that we can continue these activities.

Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Established in 1996 as a manufacturing and sales company for sintered components, Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is an affiliated company belonging to the sintered parts group of the Sumitomo Electric Group. The company will celebrate its 17th anniversary this year. Having overcome various difficulties, such as the Asian currency crisis that hit the company immediately after it began operations, the economic confusion triggered by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008, and the Thai flooding in 2011, the company continues expanding its sales. Currently employing more than 600 staff members, the company has grown into a major production base with one of the largest plants of all the factories that the sintered parts group has outside Japan.

May 14, 2013 3:22 PM

SEWS Partners with Local Schools

Hello, I am Alyssa Holster, an intern with the General Affairs Department at Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc. (SEWS), located in United States. I’d like to tell you about the Earth Day events my company has been participating in!

Three SEWS’ facilities teamed up with local schools to teach children about the importance of Earth Day. We maintain an environmental policy to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste and to improve the efficiency of energy usage, and believe that is very important to pass down these values to future generations.

We asked local schools in Edmonton, Scottsville, and Bowling Green, Kentucky to show off their creative skills while raising awareness about the importance of protecting our environment. Over 2,500 children participated from North Metcalfe Elementary School, Edmonton Elementary School, Summer Shade Elementary School, Allen County Primary School, and Jody Richards Elementary School. The students were asked to either create a poster or write an essay about “What Earth Day Means to Me”. First place winners received a $100 savings bond and tree seedling. Students demonstrated their knowledge and maintained that not littering, picking up trash, and recycling are some of the best ways to help protect our environment.

Our facilities have continued to implement environmental efforts in a myriad of other ways as well. Our Edmonton facility has managed to recycle isopropyl alcohol in a way that allows them to reuse 80% of it instead of sending it out as waste. Our facility in Bowling Green has been working with another school, Warren Elementary, to recycle our used toners and inkjet cartridges. The school is able to recycle our used products and receive money to support their Student Technology Leadership Program.

SEWS is proud to share the knowledge about recycling, sustainability and supporting our local schools!

Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc.

Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc.
Established in 1986 in the United States. Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc. manufactures and sells automotive wiring harnesses, electronics equipment, electronic units, connectors, and harness parts. The company has about 13,000 employees. SEWS has more than 20 locations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc. Webサイト 

December 6, 2011 4:50 PM

A.L.M.T. TECH Inc. participates in Sakata Industry Fair

Hello, I'm Tsuchida, and I work for the General Affairs Group of A.L.M.T. TECH Inc.

Our booth at Sakata Industry Fair

▲ Our booth at Sakata Industry Fair

Sakata Industry Fair is a business exhibition held by Sakata City Government, Yamagata Prefecture every autumn to promote local businesses and revitalize local industries. A.L.M.T. TECH Inc. has participated in this exhibition from its inception.

Although our company is in its 11th year since its establishment, considering the history of our forerunner, which established its plant in Sakata City, our ties with the city date back 65 years. Such being the case, as part of our contribution to the local community, and with the hope of blending more into the community by letting the local people know more about us, we have exhibited our products and organized an event for children at this industry fair.

Specifically, we organized a metal weight comparison quiz event for the fair this year, which was held on October 1 and 2. At this event we let visitors experience the difference in specific gravities between tungsten/molybdenum (basic materials for our products) and general-purpose metals. The event succeeded in attracting many visitors, ranging from children to the elderly. We are planning to organize a new event that will be enjoyed by many visitors to the fair next year.

As part of our community contribution initiatives, we have also donated black pine seedlings and arranged volunteer tree planting.

In Sakata City, trees have been planted to protect houses and fields from wind and sand. Although a great black pine windbreak forest stretches along the coastline, inside Hikarigaoka Park in Sakata City there was an area where no black pine trees grew. Upon a request from the city government in 2008, we donated 400 black pine seedlings to be planted in the area. The seedlings were planted by a total of 150 people, including local elementary school children, NPO organization members and our company staff. Initially those seedlings were 30 cm high, but now, three years later, they have grown to be one meter high and are gradually beginning to play a role in preventing wind and sand. We have renewed our determination to grow neck and neck with these thriving black pine trees.

400 black pine seedlings donated to Sakata City

▲ 400 black pine seedlings donated to Sakata City

Now the trees have grown to be one meter high.

▲ Now the trees have grown to be one meter high.

A.L.M.T. TECH Inc.

A.L.M.T. TECH Inc.
In the year 2000, A.L.M.T. TECH Inc. was established as a manufacturing subsidiary of A.L.M.T. Corp., which was formed from a merger of Tokyo Tungsten Co., Ltd. and Osaka Diamond Industries Co., Ltd. A.L.M.T. TECH Inc. manufactures refractory and electrode electronic components and other types of electronic components using tungsten and molybdenum materials, as well as functional components, such as heat sink, heavy metal and ceramics components using copper tungsten, copper molybdenum and AlSiC materials. Our products are used as leading-edge parts and processed products for information and telecommunication facilities, automobiles and various other products in a wide range of areas.

August 10, 2011 11:00 AM

Presents from Children

Hello, readers! I am Wenxin Liu, from the HR & General Affairs Department, Zhongshan Sumiden Hybrid Products Co., Ltd. (ZSH).

ZSH is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China, to the southwest of the Pearl River Delta, and approximately 85 kilometers southwest of Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province. Zhongshan is known for Quanyan hot springs and the Guzhen lighting fair, among others. It is also not far from Hong Kong and Macau, and is a beautiful city surrounded by green.

Although “Zhongshan” is used for road names around China, Zhongshan City here is the very hometown of Sun Yat-sen (Zhongshan), the “Father of the Revolution,” who is also known as Sun When. Did you know that?

About twenty years ago, Zhongshan was mainly an agricultural city, producing commercial crops that were shipped to Hong Kong. Based on its geographical location with the Pearl River (Zhu Jiang) flowing along the east side of the city, and with a boost from reform and liberalization policies, the Zhongshan Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone was established as a first-phase national high-tech industry development zone by the State Council in March 1991. It has now become a large industrial area housing business sites of high-tech industries, bio-tech industries, and others. ZSH was established in this development zone in August 1995.

It was early June, and it was hot. (*-*;

▲ It was early June, and it was hot. (*-*;

In this report, I would like to introduce some of our philanthropic activities. ZSH has been engaged in various philanthropic activities every year, as a part of the trade union’s initiatives. Our trade union was evaluated highly by the Zhongshan Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone in 2009 and 2010.

Last year, we paid a courtesy visit to the old people’s home in Zhongshan Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone on Respect-for-the-Aged Day. This year, 14 union members visited the Zhongshan Home for Orphans on Children’s Day, and held an exchange with the children.

At present, more than 400 children from infants to high school students live in the Zhongshan Home for Orphans. Because we visited the Home in the afternoon on a weekday, older children were away at school, but 45 kindergarteners and infants were there to welcome us.

They were very happy for the clothes, milk, stationery, comic books, toys, and more that we purchased in advance and brought as souvenirs for them. In return, the children danced and sang for us.

Souvenirs for you♪

▲ Souvenirs for you♪

Participants on this visit (^-^)/

▲ Participants on this visit (^-^)/

Just like we felt at our courtesy visit to the nursing home last year, we felt like we were given more cheers than we presented. We can’t post photos with the children here, but they all showed us cute and cheerful smiles, which were the most wonderful gift for us☆

We would like to continue delivering smiles to as many people as possible through such activities.

Zhongshan Sumiden Hybrid Products Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Sumiden Hybrid Products Co., Ltd. (ZSH)
ZSH started operation in 1996 as a subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer, Inc., and currently has about 800 employees. Its main products include rollers used for printers and copiers; SUMIFLONTM Coated Aluminum, aluminum sheets coated with fluorocarbon resin, which are easy to press mold for inner pots of rice cookers, hot plates, etc.; and PoreflonTM fine filtration module, which is used for water treatment. As interests in the environment also surge in China, these products are expected to contribute to a future greener society.

Website of ZSH

July 8, 2011 8:59 AM

Osaka Works Hosts Rose Garden Open Day!

Hello, I’m Nose, from Osaka Works HR & Administration Group :-)


Today, I’d like to write about the rose garden open day at the Osaka Works on Sunday June 12, 2011. We have already mentioned in this blog the rose garden’s open day that took place last November. To let more members of the public enjoy the roses, this time we also advertised the event to residents of Konohana Ward.

Initially, we thought we’d be lucky if more than 300 visitors showed up. However, 685 visitors arrived that day, far exceeding our expectations. Thank you all for coming! :-)) Although it was in the middle of the rainy season, the weather was pleasant, with very little rain.


Presently, some 1,000 roses from 133 species are cultivated at the garden. Visitors enjoyed discovering their favorites among the myriads of shapes and colors. Among the large number of visitors were keen photographers intent on shooting flowers, couples, families with children, and groups of friends. We were very happy to receive positive comments from visitors as they left, such as, “The roses were beautiful, thank you for showing them” and “I look forward to coming back next year.” The occasion seemed particularly memorable for former Sumitomo Electric employees, who marveled at the beautifully transformed grounds, now much more lush. Visitors also enjoyed hydrangea and other flowers in the garden, and many also visited our showrooms.

Double Delight rose

▲ Double Delight rose

We heard visitors say that growing roses must be hard work: it is, actually. They require almost year-round attention: weeding the roughly 2,000 m2 grounds, pruning, and spraying to prevent diseases are all very labor-intensive. However, thanks to the sweat (and sometimes tears?) of members of our staff, we were able to present our roses in their prime, and it is our utmost joy to have been able to provide visitors with a pleasant time.

Please look for next year’s open day, when we intend to welcome visitors with even better roses!

June 29, 2011 10:24 AM

Moss Phlox Festival 2011 — Ganbaro Nippon (Don’t Give Up, Japan!)

Premises covered with moss phlox in full bloom

▲ Premises covered with moss phlox in full bloom

This is a report from the north island of Hokkaido. Nice to meet you all!! I’m Saito, of the General Affairs Department at Hokkaido Sumiden Precision Co., Ltd. (^o^)

We are well into spring, and summer is just around the corner, but it still gets chilly here every once in a while.

But today I bring you some “hot” news.

On May 22 (Sun), we held an annual Moss Phlox Festival, jointly with our neighboring company, Hokkaido Electric Co., Ltd. This event was started in 1990 to celebrate our 10th anniversary and express our gratitude to the local communities. This year marked the festival’s 21st anniversary. !(^^)!

About 50,000 moss phlox plants are planted on the premises. This year blossoming was delayed due to the long cold spell, and on the day of the festival, the moss phlox was 70% in bloom. It was a little chilly at the beginning, but (thanks to my magical power to bring good weather!?) around 11 o’clock the sun peeked out from behind the clouds and the temperature warmed up, bringing perfect weather for the festival.

The festival attracted over 1,500 visitors, and the parking lot was overflowing—a so-called full house. A number of food stalls were set up, offering yakitori (skewed grilled chicken), jingiskan (Mongolian mutton barbecue, one of Hokkaido’s local specialties), takoyaki (octopus dumplings) and fried potatoes, satisfying visitors’ palates. I myself enjoyed beer. (^^)

The festival opened with a taiko drum performance by kids from Hokkai Warabe Taiko. The dynamic and exciting sounds of taiko drums resounded throughout the venue.

Yosakoi Dance Team fascinated the audience with their energetic yet graceful dance performances. Clouds of dust kicked up by the stomping feet of the dancers were impressive.

Members of Hokkai Warabe Taiko

▲ Members of Hokkai Warabe Taiko

Sunagawa Emishi members dancing the Yosakoi dance

▲ Sunagawa Emishi members dancing the Yosakoi dance

Brass band performance by junior high school students from Naie Town

▲ Brass band performance by junior high school students from Naie Town

The dance was followed by a brass band performance by junior high school students from Naie Town. The brass band played seven pieces of music, mainly traditional Japanese music. Some of the music was accompanied by dancing by new students. When I heard enthusiastic chants for an encore, I felt the warmth of the local residents, and I was very happy to see junior high students playing happily in response to the audience’s request.

In addition to dance and musical performances, various fun events were held where visitors could participate. One such event was a customary rice cake throwing. Raffle tickets were put in each rice cake sack for some special prizes, including luxury items and moss phlox seedlings.
So men and women were all desperate to catch rice cakes thrown down from the stage.

Rice cake throwers on stage

▲ Rice cake throwers on stage

From left: President Chudo, Senior Managing Director Mori, and Mr. Kita, Mayor of Naie Town

▲ From left: President Chudo, Senior Managing Director Mori, and Mr. Kita, Mayor of Naie Town

Special events for children were held as well, including a Janken tournament and a treasure-hunting game. The prize for the winner of the treasure-hunting was, believe it or not, a mobile game console.

Hearing that the prize would be a popular game console, children got excited. Their exuberant shouts of “Wow!!!” and “That’s cool!” echoed around the venue.

Trying to get a prize, children were frantically running around the venue in search of hidden treasures. A desperate look on their faces scared me. (^ ^ ;

After the treasure-hunting game, the winning child was awarded a mobile game console. He was jubilant!!! All other children were presented with a bag of snacks for their participation.

When they received the present and said thank you, they had big, innocent smiles on their faces. (#^.^#)

The festival culminated with an exciting lottery. This year, the first prize was a 32-inch liquid crystal television and a Blu-ray player. In all, over 100 wonderful prizes were given away, including a mobile game console, a cyclone vacuum cleaner and a folding bicycle.

Mr. Ushijima, Executive Officer (and Hardmetal Division General Manager) of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., came a long way to participate in our festival, and presented a travel voucher as the Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Prize. m(_ _)m

Hardmetal Division General Manager Ushijima drawing lots for the Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Prize

▲ Hardmetal Division General Manager Ushijima drawing lots for the Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Prize

President Chudo presenting the Grand Prize to the winner of the lucky draw

▲ President Chudo presenting the Grand Prize to the winner of the lucky draw

The festival closed at 2:00 pm. This year’s festival was also a great success, attended by many local residents. People who drew a prize in the lottery, people enjoying with their families, guys who got drunk with beer... everyone looked happy and were having fun. It was such a joy to interact with local residents and see their bright smiles. By seeing many happy smiles, I felt that we could contribute to the local community, even if just a little.
We look forward to seeing the same smiling faces again next spring.

The Great Tohoku Earthquake, which struck on March 11, has caused unprecedented damage to Japan; it will take a long time for Japan to get back on its feet. Immediately after the earthquake, our company conducted a donation campaign, raising a total of 330,655 yen from employees. A matching amount was donated by the company. These donations were sent in early April for relief and recovery efforts in the affected regions.

Donating receipts from sales of food and drink tickets (935,062 yen) to the Social Welfare Council

▲ Donating receipts from sales of food and drink tickets (935,062 yen) to the Social Welfare Council

In the planning meeting for this year’s moss phlox festival, the Executive Committee members discussed “what we can do now” and decided to donate all receipts from food and drink sales during the festival. We at Hokkaido Sumiden Precision extend our heartfelt sympathies to all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami, and pray for quick recovery of all the affected areas and people.

May 16, 2011 9:20 AM

Osaka Works – Rose Garden excursion report

At Rose Garden open day

▲ At Rose Garden Open Day

Hi! This is Sakai of the PR Dept.

Commemorating the 110th anniversary of the company, WinD Lab, a new laboratory building, was constructed at Osaka Works (located close to Universal Studios Japan). Last November, approximately 100 people from local neighborhood societies and related persons were invited to an excursion of the Rose Garden located next to the WinD Lab.

Can you believe that more than 100 species of roses grow in this Rose Garden!? Many of the species seem to be perpetual, blooming repeatedly throughout the year, so we were able to enjoy many rose in bloom even during the cold of November.


▲ Nostalgia

Though this looks like a different flower, it’s a rose called Nostalgia. The unique color scheme is so cute!

Since the Rose Garden is in its first year and still in the process of raising seedlings, the number of participants for this excursion was limited. But the plan is to open the garden to the wider public starting next year. So exciting!! :-)

Osaka Works is planning its Inari (Anniversary) Festival in April, and also will continue its greening activities and cleaning activities of the company’s vicinity to achieve a harmony with the local community, and will strive for social contribution activities that are rooted to the region.

May 16, 2011 9:10 AM

Itami Works – Greenery-Floral Festival report

Itami Works

▲ Itami Works

Hi! This is Sakai, in charge of the Smile Relay of the PR Dept.

Upon starting this blog, I’d like to introduce you to some of the activities conducted by Group employees. I had a great time participating in these!

The first one took place here!

This is an activity by Sumitomo Electric’s Itami Works, which aims to increase greening of their premises to create a "workplace with lush greenery" that’s friendly to the environment.

On October 24, 2010, employees and their families as well as members of neighborhood associations were invited to the 4th annual Greenery-Floral Festival. (It’s called this because it celebrates greenery and flowers.)

The festival was visited by more than 1,300 people!!! It's great to know that this festival is taking root as one of the region’s festivals :-)

On the day of the festival, there were greenery- and floral-related events such as potting lessons and sweet potato digging, as well as other attractions such as a mobile zoo, paper airplane contest, and a performance by the brass band of the neighborhood junior high school. Many people enjoyed each of the events. The sweet potato digging, in its second year, was especially popular!
The big sweet potatoes looked very tasty :-)

A great festival to visit, especially with little kids! We hope to see residents in the neighborhood of the Itami Works there again next year.

Brass band of the neighborhood junior high school

▲ Brass band of the neighborhood junior high school

At sweet potato digging

▲ At sweet potato digging