February 28, 2017 9:00 AM

Commended for Our Akasaka-Aoyama Cleanup Campaign!

Hello, I'm Nagaki of the Administration Div., Tokyo Head Office in Japan.

On January 20, we participated in the Akasaka-Aoyama Cleanup Campaign, organized by the Regional City Office of Akasaka, Minato Ward, and received a letter of appreciation!

Held every month, excluding the summer season of July and August, around the stations in the areas of Akasaka and Aoyama, the cleanup campaign draws participation of the neighborhood associations and companies located in these areas. We join this campaign every month. The cleanup place changes each month within the Akasaka and Aoyama areas, such as around Akasaka-Mitsuke Station and Aoyama-1-chome Station.

At the beginning of the recent campaign, we received a letter of appreciation in recognition of our continuous participation in the cleanup campaign of Aoyama-1-chome Station for three years from FY 2013 to FY 2015. Continuity is the father of success!

Receiving the letter of appreciation

Receiving the letter of appreciation

Commendation for our continuous cleanup

Commendation for our continuous cleanup

After receiving the letter of appreciation, we began cleaning our assigned area. There is almost always little litter in the area, and it might seem that there is no rubbish on the streets, either. However, we often find a wide variety of garbage, such as PET bottles, paper scraps, and cigarette butts, under plants along the streets. While walking from place to place to pick up trash on the streets, we find that the amount in our garbage bags is gradually increasing.


About an hour later, we returned to our meeting place at Aoyama-1-chome Station, where we finished our activity that day after receiving PET bottles of warm tea from campaign secretariat staff.

While picking up trash, we wore jumpers with the Sumitomo Electric logo. Those joining the campaign from other companies asked us, "Is the Sumitomo Electric office located around here (Aoyama/Akasaka)?" Such interaction is one of the attractive points of this campaign.

We would like to continue to participate in this campaign so that we can contribute to beautifying Akasaka/Aoyama and raising people's awareness of the importance of good manners!

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