November 22, 2016 4:00 PM

Participation in the Osaka Marathon as a Water Station Volunteer!

Hello! I am Fujima of the Public Relations Department.

October 30, the 6th Osaka Marathon was held with support from Sumitomo Electric, and I participated in the event as a volunteer. On the race day, I worked at a water station together with about 20 other volunteers from Sumitomo Electric Group. Being a big event with 30,000-some participants running through Osaka, we prepared many paper cups with drink in them to ensure that runners could get water smoothly. We also collected used paper cups on the road with rakes so they would not interfere with the runners.

I Participated in the Osaka Marathon as a Water Station Volunteer!
I Participated in the Osaka Marathon as a Water Station Volunteer!

While working, I personally felt that the most important role we volunteers could play was to root for the runners. I was at the 17 km water station, where many runners gradually started feeling tired. When I told them while smiling to "Keep it up!" it seemed like their tired faces lit up a little, and that they got a boost of energy and felt "Here I go again!" In addition, some runners encouraged us in return, saying "Thank you very much!" or "Thanks for volunteering!"

"Keep it up!" "Thank you!" --- although these were fleeting statements on the spot between strangers, it was a very warm moment when we shared our hearts. I'd like to participate again next year.
All the runners participating in the event, those who cheered them on, and all the volunteers, thank you for your hard work!

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