April 12, 2016 9:30 AM

Participation in Reed-Cutting on Lake Biwa!

Go-anzen ni (Maintain safety)!
I am Isomichi of the Itami Sales Branch, SEI Business Creates Inc.

On Sunday, January 31, I was invited by Mr. Maeda and Mr. Fujimoto, senior employees at my workplace, to join the campaign of cutting down reeds on Lake Biwa, held in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture.

Sumitomo Electric, which served as a special sponsor for the 71st Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon, held on Sunday, March 6, actively participates in environmental preservation activities for the lake, including the reed-cutting campaign. Although the reed field was very wide, almost all the plants were quickly cut down by the approximately 500 participants present, making the field very clean again.

Participation in Reed-Cutting on Lake Biwa!
Participation in Reed-Cutting on Lake Biwa!

I hear that some of the cut reeds were used as torches in a ceremony in March to pray for safety at the start of the lake's sightseeing season. Meanwhile, the fields are left to dry for a while after the reeds have been cut, and then burned off. I hear that this means other weeds' seeds and disease germs are also burned, which helps new reeds to sprout in spring and leads to the regeneration of very large fields of reeds.

Mr.Maeda (left) and Mr. Fujimoto (right)

Mr.Maeda (left) and Mr. Fujimoto (right)

It has been said since long ago that reeds function to clean the water. My participation in the reed-cutting campaign this time served as a good opportunity for me to learn more about reeds and water sources. Some water from Lake Biwa flows into the Yodo River, and the water is used as a valuable resource by those living along the river. I feel that it is significant that not only residents living around Lake Biwa, but also that so many others benefitting from the lake are engaged in environmental preservation activities.

If there is another opportunity to participate in such an environmental activity, I want to volunteer for it again.
Why don't you participate in such activities too?

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