April 26, 2013 5:59 PM

SEI Group CSR Foundation Holds Party for Scholarship Students

Hello! I’m Ikeda of the secretariat of the SEI Group CSR Foundation(*).

The SEI Group CSR Foundation provides scholarships for international students studying in Japan. In FY 2012, we granted scholarships to 16 students. The other day, inviting four such scholarship students who recently completed their masters programs at the end of March, we held a party to celebrate their two years of hard work and asked them about their research results and future aspirations.

All four are students in science-related majors. What impressed us most was that, although they came from China or Taiwan, they spoke Japanese fluently and explained their research activities passionately. Prior to the party, we showed them around Sumitomo Yuho-en garden in Kyoto, although it was a little bit early to enjoy cherry blossoms. At the party, they also said that they were moved by the beauty of the garden.

Although the four students all had made different career choices, we would be very happy if they utilize what they have learned in Japan and contribute to society.

(*) SEI Group CSR Foundation
The foundation was established in April 2009 for the purposes of contributing to developing human resources and promoting academic activities in various fields both in Japan and overseas. The foundation was certified as a public service corporation in February 2010.
Website:SEI Group CSR Foundation Website

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