December 25, 2012 1:23 PM

Sumitomo Electric's Volleyball Club Contributing to the World

Hello, everyone! I'mYokota, a reporter from Sumitomo Electric's volleyball club.

I'm pleased to announce that Sumitomo Electric's volleyball club has donated 72 volleyballs to the Japan Volleyball Association and the Japan Volleyball Bank.

The Japan Volleyball Bank is engaged in gathering old volleyballs and other volleyball equipment and donating them to foreign organizations. By recycling as many damaged volleyballs as possible, rather than just disposing of them, the organization contributes to raising children's awareness of environmental preservation issues and developing their mindset of mottainai (a sense of regret concerning waste).

Donated volleyballs

▲Donated volleyballs

Our volleyball club has traditionally been using volleyballs very carefully. The official volleyball is changed every year, and we use former volleyballs for practice purposes. As a contribution to the Japan Volleyball Bank, however, we have decided to select volleyballs in relatively good condition from among our practice volleyballs and donate them.

As an expression of appreciation for the volleyballs that have supported our club for so many years, all the club players put them in a bag. We are sincerely pleased that the donated balls will be used somewhere in the world and they will help broaden the circle of people who love volleyball. Sumitomo Electric's volleyball club will continue to make concerted efforts to contribute to society through volleyball.

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