December 17, 2012 7:06 PM

We have received two foreign students for internship!

“Selamat pagi”
With these greetings, the morning begins.

I’m sorry for not introducing myself sooner. I’m Higuchi from Recruitment Group, Human Resources Department, HR & Administration Division.

I’m sure that many of you have often heard of internship programs. Put simply, they give students the opportunity to gain work experience. As part of our social contributions, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has for many years offered placements to more than 10 students every year mainly in our research-related groups. On top of that, we have now decided to provide internship opportunities for foreign students too. This year, we received two foreign students in the Human Resources Dept. - one from Indonesia and the other from Pakistan.

Internship students

▲Internship students

The internship program was held for two weeks from August 27, on the theme of preparing PowerPoint documents to help job-hunting students understand our broad range of business activities. The program began with an overview of our company, followed by vigorous efforts to collect the necessary information, including conversations on the situation in each of our businesses, visits to our plants, interviews with our foreign staff, and a look at our training system. Meanwhile, as the host organization, we were also quite busy preparing for the program, partly because we were not used to receiving foreign students. We needed to ensure that pork-free dishes were available for lunch at our cafeteria. We also needed to make arrangements at short notice to ensure that alcohol would not be served at the get-together. Although they were regarded as adults in their own countries, they were regarded as minors in Japan. Moreover, although people say that globalization is in progress, there are few opportunities in Japan to use English on a daily basis. We were able to learn a lot by communicating with the two students, who were better at English than at Japanese.

They used the PowerPoint documents that they made in accordance with the theme to give their presentation. They performed magnificently; firstly their presentation skills were superb and attracted the audience strongly, and secondly their design was excellent. I later found that both of them had attended lectures on design and presentation at their universities. This served as the base for their outstanding presentation.

This noteworthy internship program ended after two weeks. The two students commented that although the program was very useful and helped them improve their Japanese proficiency, they were sorry that the period was so short. I sincerely hope that they will continue to grow and develop.

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